Sweater Weather

So many have already written about sweaters this fall, but I’ll join that line of bloggers as sweaters are too good to ignore. So let’s keep things cozy today and talk about ‘em sweaters! Folks? Here is the sweater weather post!

Why Sweater Weather?

Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to list the obvious here, but how can’t you go sweater weather? Sweaters might be one of the best items of clothing there is (not sponsored by the sweaters, lol). They are knitted, comfy, cozy, warm and terribly charming. Sweaters during fall and winter expand beyond just a piece, but kind of embraces the whole coziness of the season. They come in every color or shape you wish, and they work for almost anything. Depending on the style you choose, they can be worn home or for the office! With the Holidays coming up too, seasonal sweaters might be the cutest thing ever. You know what they say, a sweater a day keeps the bad things away (lol).

Sweaters This Seasons

As always though, sweaters also get their fair share of trend touch. This season, the sweaters  are definitely a reflection of the current trends. They’re popular in metallic tones, mostly centered to jewel colors. Sweaters with turtlenecks are also favorable, or just a high neck overall. They also come as off shoulder, but obviously easier to pull off in warmer areas. Sweaters with lacing is also growing big and judging by the fashion bloggers, people seem to adore this one! As for colors, they seem to be most popular in colors such as grey, beige, green, burgundy and similar hues that are closely associated with fall. I’m always down for pastels during fall too though, they make a perfect mix with the darker shades of fall. And Folks! Statement sleeves x sweaters are also a go! 

Sweater Weather + Trendy Sweater Clothes for fall and winter 2016/2017 | The Fashion Folks

How To Style Sweaters

I don’t think I need to give styling tips on this one, but here are some ideas that might step up your game! One of the keys for doing up sweater weather better than others (you know, bring the a-level fashionista game), is to match it with contrast pieces. As sweaters are often knitted, it’s easy to go low key on the other pieces in your outfit. Like jeans or simple pants. It’s nothing wrong with that, not at all, but sweaters have the potential of doing so much more. So next time, pair your sweater with faux leather, or faux fur or any other fabric that’s more of a statement. Especially the edgy leather paired with the cozy sweater is a great combo. Sweaters are also perfect for layering with a shirt under! Final idea: invest in a statement sweater, they are too fun to be ignored! Just see Sacai or Co above!

Folks, I know a lot of you are missing summer, but I promise that an embracement of sweater weather makes things a bit easier to say at least! Just add a hot beverage, go for the comfiest sweater and be jolly and bright!

62 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

  1. It has been sweater weather here for so so long, I can’t do without them! They might not be the fanciest looking clothing, however, once you style it well then they can be chic! I love wearing sweaters with jeans/leggings 🙂 xx

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. I love sweaters! In India I don’t have the opportunity to wear them that much so I’m eager to go in Europe/Canada each year to visit my family for Christmas and FINALLY wear all my sweaters and coats 🙂
    The Sacai one is gorgeous!
    I love to mix a oversized sweater with high knee boots (with a skirt or skinny pants..)
    Thanks for sharing!

    With Love,
    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

  3. Go on about sweater weather all you’d like, I’m so excited about it! I wait all year just to wear sweaters, and I can never have too many. However, I do think I need to look into more statement sweaters. You’ve convinced me!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  4. I LOVE sweaters, I can’t believe I once hated them, especially turtlenecks, haha. I used to think they looked granny like, but these days, they’re definitely more fashionable and can be oh so chic, too! I love that you shared some tips on what kinds of bottoms to pair them with because we can often limit ourselves to just jeans and leggings, but they do look super cute and stylish with leather pants, which is one way I love to wear mine come winter! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having a very Happy Wednesday so far!



  5. OH yes I’m always open to trying any and every style of jumper – out of your selections, the CO design massively appeals; it looks cosy and yet at the same time really unusual!


  6. Yesss, so happy to see a post about my favourite thing ever – sweaters!!!!! 😀 Honestly, I wait all year round just to be able to wear them, haha! I just find them so lovely, comfortable and warm! I probably have more sweaters in my wardrobe than regular shirts, which is a little weird I know… But I love them so much! I didn’t know about all those different styles though, I usually just stick to ‘regular’ sweaters, if that makes sense; so thank you so much for sharing and educating me, as always! 😀 🙂 xoxo I usually keep my outfits simple, and I enjoy styling sweaters with a pair of comfy leggings, warm boots and maybe some subtle jewellery if I’m feeling fancy (like bracelets or rings). Loving the post, as always! Hope you’re having a fab week so far! Kisses. xoxo <3 <3


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