Sweater Weather Winter 2020

Okey folks, it’s time to bring out your sweaters! Well, hopefully you already have done it as the sweater season also includes fall. But anyway, if you haven’t, now is the time indeed! Sweater weather winter 2020 is all about that chunky, layered, oversized vibe. A really fun vibe to play with, if you ask me! 

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Sweater Weather Winter 2020

Under a Vest

A stylish way to wear your sweater is to layer it under a vest! It might be a leather vest, a denim vest or a knitted vest – but just some kind of vest that creates the layering effect. Such a stylish idea to go for the same color but in two different materials. You could also go for two complete opposites, like a red sweater and a white vest. It all really comes down to what you have you work with. If you want to go for an extra layer, don’t forget your scarf or work a shirt under your sweater but let the collar and the cuffs be visible! 

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With Patent Leather

I wrote about patent leather both here and here. I mentioned in both the articles that patent leather is a good match with knitwear. Such a big crush on the idea of going for a pair of patent leather pants and a knitted sweater. Or just a chunky knitted scarf! You could also make it more simple with patent leather boots or a bag! The idea though is to let the contrasting materials interact, so you have a powerful statement! 

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Over a Patterned Dress

One of my best go-to outfit combinations is to wear a patterned dress and a sweater over it. It creates a nice illusion of a sweater and skirt combination. Especially love to do this if the sweater and the dress are sharing one or several colors. It creates a nice cohesive impression and allows you to go more crazy with the accessories! Such a chic idea of working OTK boots, a patterned dress and a chunky sweater with perhaps a statement bag or a hat. 

Folks! What’re your thoughts on the sweater weather winter 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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