Sustainable Beauty Tips 2021

I’ve written about sustainable beauty tips on countless occasions, but there’s nothing wrong with a reminder every now and then. Here are some easy, but important, sustainable beauty tips 2021: 

Sustainable Beauty Tips 2021

Eco-Friendly SPF

Knowing which SPF you should be is not the easiest thing. There are tons of different versions, with different durabilities and qualities. One thing to keep in mind though is to go for an SPF that’s eco-friendly and keen on the marine life! As important it is to stay protected in the sun, it’s important to not impact the synergies of the ocean. Look for an eco-label next time you buy a SPF! And oh yes, keep in mind that SPFs usually last 6-12 months open, so last year’s SPF might not be safe to use this year.

Reusable Cotton Pads

Instead of your disposable cotton pads, buy cotton pads that are reusable! They are a bit more expensive, but as you can use them over and over again, it’s an investment. It might sound annoying to have to wash your cotton pads, but you’re already doing your laundry, so some cotton pads won’t do more or less. Reusable face wipes are also a great idea!

Thoughtful Consumption

Another thing to keep in mind is thoughtful consumption. The makeup and beauty industry has exploded in the past years, and it’s more trendy than ever to have a 25 step routine and 10 different skincare products. And yes, sure, it’s a big passion for some, but it’s not that sustainable to keep on endlessly buying new products just for the sake of it. Even worse when you buy a new product but don’t like it, and you throw it out. If it’s not too unhygienic (like a mascara), perhaps you can give it to a friend? With this said, do your research before buying. Ask yourself if it’s something you really want or need. And as for skincare, make sure it’s likely to fit your skin type; don’t just aimlessly buy!

Folks! What are your best beauty tips 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

5 thoughts on “Sustainable Beauty Tips 2021

  1. Hello Mia,

    As usual I congratulate you for sharing this kind of information! Lately people is also getting crazy about beauty-skincare products and the truth is that overconsumption harms the system and the planet. I’m sure in 10 or 5 years will be discussing about the impact of buying a lot of beauty, the same way we are talking about buying a lot of clothes in the recent years.

    All of these are really good ideas and the best thing is that they are really easy to follow. Specially mindful consumption, actually all skincare and beauty products have an expiration date and I prefer to wait a bit before buying a new thing 🙂


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