Sustainable Beauty Hacks

Something we need to talk more about (and live after) is sustainability. I’ve talked about sustainable fashion in this tag, but I thought today’s focus will be on some sustainable beauty hacks. I know this is kind of a small perspective, but as the cliché goes “you can’t do everything, but you can do something”, it’s important that we all move towards the same direction, right?

Sustainable Beauty Hacks

Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

Sustainable Beauty Hacks

Avoid disposable products

One key thing in working towards a more sustainable lifestyle is reducing waste. Avoiding products that are disposable is one way to decrease waste. For instance, instead of disposable face masks, buy face masks that comes in tubes or bottles e.g.. Instead of wipes to remove your makeup, use washables towels. For the nails, go for a sponge bottle remover instead of using disposable cotton pads. It’s simply about finding substitutes that can be reused or that lasts longer than the things that only can be used one time and then tossed! If you really love the wipes though, or the cotton pads, find them in eco-friendly versions and try to compensate with something else. It’s about the mindset, really!

Choose certified products

Another important thing for the sustainable life is to choose certified products. Choose products that are eco-friendly, but also fair trade, cruelty-free and preferably vegan! Sustainability is not only about the environment but also the social and economic conditions, where we, as consumers, have a major responsibility of choosing fair products. From the first ingredient added to the cashier! It’s even better if you can find products that are locally produced as transport is a big part of the ecological footprint. I know that local things are often more expensive, but when talking sustainability (and skincare) it’s undoubtedly worth the investment. Also, it’s always fun to connect with your society and its entrepreneurs! Kind of a win-win honestly!

Regarding certified products though, there’s a never ending list of different certifications and what you can think about. So do your research cleverly! The problem with certification is that it often goes along with what’s “trendy” to care about (= the companies are gaining customers by adding that certification, which is a good thing really, but perhaps cynical). Products that are cruelty-free and vegan have been in focus the past year and lately, microplastics have been on the agenda. The microplastics are often used in exfoliators and toothpastes and are so tiny that they go through filters and out to the ocean, which is harming the sea life.  In some areas of the world, beauty products with microplastics are banned/soon to be banned, but do your research of what’s the situation in your country/with your brands.

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Multifunctional products

Perhaps this one is more of a hack, than actual effective from a sustainable perspective, but finding multifunctional products is a simple way of reducing cost and consumerism. Having fewer products for more areas won’t demand that you buy one product for one area. Instead, use your conditioner to both the hair and shaving gel. Or use your Aloe Vera gel both after a sunburn but also a general moisturizing. Decluttering your skincare products is a way of creating control and conscious about how you use your products and why. As I said, perhaps not the best idea from a sustainable perspective, as you more likely will use more of the product and have to buy it more often, but the thing about living more sustainable is also about being more conscious. So take a look and see what products you use that can favorably be replaced with a more multifunctional one. Also, a great tip when travelling and you can’t carry that much! (Check this article for multifunctional makeup products).

More DIY

Continuing the path of being aware of how you consume (and also what you apply on your body), one way to take control is to do more DIY. It’s cheaper, it lets you control the ingredients and you can easily use organic products etc. There are tons of DIY for any imaginable thing out there, try Google or Pinterest to find a recipe that suits you! And yes, you can store your DIY projects, just carefully read the instructions on how to and for how long.

Be Aware Though

Yes, all these ideas I’ve given are more or less insignificant in the bigger perspective. You won’t change the world by doing this, you’ll barely decrease your own ecological footprint. But it’s important that you still do it. It’s important that you do what you can to live a more sustainable life. For yourself, for the earth, for society and for the world. It’s also important that you stay aware of other areas in your life where you can live more consciously. Like, leaving the car and walking instead, or fly less and go by train. Recycle everything you can recycle and invest in locally produced food, clothes and other products. What’s essential is that you start somewhere, somehow, and that you remain conscious about how the way you live impacts the environment. What you do counts!


Folks! What are your best sustainable beauty hacks? Share your best tips in the comment section below, would love to learn more hacks! Xx

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

24 thoughts on “Sustainable Beauty Hacks

  1. Mia, I loved this post and it speaks to me right now. After all the travelling I am really up for a change and that starts with the small habits. I had never thought of the cotton pads replacement, but I will have to look into it as I am an avid consumer of these little guys >.< I have a ton of DIYs saved to my Pinterest board and will give them a try soon. I have already made my own concoction of cleansing oils and so far so good, ahahah. Sending you a big hug, my love

    Saida | She talks Glam

    1. That makes me so happy to hear Saida! We all can do something for sure. YEs to more DIY! Hope you’re having a lovely week babe! Xx

  2. Such a great post, Mia! I love the con cept of &other stories too where you get a discount when you bring your empty containers back as they are re-using it. At least an attempt from a big retailer so make the world of fashion&beaty more sustainable I guess….
    Apart from that I like to buy Oils and stuff in glass bottles and re-use them of course too. 🙂

    Happy Monday ♥


    1. That’s great Tina! Yes, love the concept the bigger brands are bringing – especially since they are quite guilty in many aspects of upholding this! Xx

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