Summer Makeup Look

We all know that our beauty routines changes (or at least should) when it’s summer. And same goes for our makeup life. Light and fresh makeup looks are both favorable, easy to deal with and lovely for a change. Folks? A summer makeup look is a go!

Poppin colors

Oneย statement you can make is adding color, maybe as a bold lip or perhaps as a colorful eyeshadow or line? The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. A colorful makeup look goes in line with the colorful world of summer, and is favorable for the light colored summer clothes! If you want to go cray and slay, why not add some pastels or another color that gives you the summer vibe? If we could choose, we’d opt for a mauve lip, a simple liner and some brushy eyebrows. See inspiration below!

Eyeliner and red lip

Classic but fantastic! The eyeliner and the statement lip is a makeup look that remains number one. A black eyeliner on the eyelids adds depth to the eyes and gives an intense stare. Red lips are both a statement and draws attention to the face by its intense color. Fun fact is that red lips were banned in the 18th century due to its association with witchcraft. Well, with or without witchcraft it’s a power statement nevertheless.

No makeup makeup

A no makeup makeup look is a favorite and a perfect go-to for summer. A light but coveraging base and some fine touches here and there and you’ll have a nice but subtle look. Do the base, add some highlighter, perfect your eyebrows and you’ll look fresh and lovely for summer! See the no makeup makeup look below!

What is your go-to summer makeup look?

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  1. Bright pops of color in the summer are my favorite! I think a next to nude face combined with a bright lip makes for such a beautiful and sexy look!

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