Summer Hacks 2021

So what’s a better time to try out some fashion hacks than for summer? These summer hacks 2021 are all about that wearable, multifunctional, style. Just some simple ideas on how you can make the summer fashion easier and more wearable. 

Summer Hacks 2021

Oversized Shirt

The first thing is to work with an oversized shirt. The oversized shirt can be whatever you want it to be as long as it’s oversized and works with your style. It’s such a perfect clothing piece to pair with your slip dress for hot days when you need to protect yourself from the sun. You can also work it on the beach over your swimsuit or bikini. And of course, button it half-way, do a knot and work it with some denim shorts. 

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Fitted Shorts

Some fitted shorts aka bicycling shorts are also a good idea for summer (or cropped tights). They’re just perfect to wear under short dresses and skirts for windy days. They’re also great when you want to wear something casual at home, but it’s too warm for your regular tights and comfy pants. Invest in a pair that’s close to your skin tone or a neutral color!

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Multifunctional Swimsuit

As we all know by now, the swimsuit is an excellent clothing piece to work as a top too. Just throw on a skirt or a pair of denim shorts for a two piece look. I mean, extra bonus if your swimsuit is colorful, patterned or comes with fun details. Perfect way to go when you’re heading to the beach! 

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Colorful Cardigan

A colorful cardigan is another superb summer hack. The cardigan will keep you warm after long days in the sun, but also add some playfulness to your outfit. Just throw it on over your white t-shirt and denim shorts look, or why not over your summer dress? You can also button it and work it as a top! Go for a buttoned cardigan and a slip skirt. 

Folks! What are your best summer hacks 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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