Summary of Stories 2017

Folks! The Stories category is making a comeback next week but before heading into more posts of history and fashion in a societal context, I thought I’d bring back some old posts first. To give new readers an idea of what the category is about, but also give old readers a chance to revisit a favorite or two? Here’s a summary of stories 2017:

Fashion History Series | The Fashion Folks

Summary of Stories 2017

Fashion History

  • 1900 – 1910: S-silhouette, tea parties, pastels, lace, buttons, collars, Paul Poiret
  • 1910 – 1920: Shirts, velvet, robes, hats, Orientalism, sporty vibes, functionalism
  • 1920 – 1930: Flapper girl, knee length, sequins, black, feathers, Chanel
  • 1930 – 1940: Evening gowns, elegance, floral prints, nautical vibes, Elsa Schiapparelli
  • 1940 – 1950: Shoulder pads, shirts, pants, imaginative prints, Dior, The New Look
  • 1950 – 1960: Hourglass-silhouette, luxury, blazers, pink, corsets, pearls, housewife
  • 1960 – 1970: Shift dress, prints, mini skirt, Space Age, YSL, pop culture, Twiggy
  • 1970 – 1980: Boho, Paisley, maxi lengths, fringe, vests, tunics, unisex, Pucci
  • 1980 – 1990: Powersuit, shoulder pads, oversized, office wear, turtlenecks, sportswear
  • 1990 – 2000: Denim, leather, t-shirts, boots, grunge, jumpers, Versace,  highwaist
  • 2000 – 2010: Asymmetrical, low waist, miniskirts, pastels, embellishment, mismatch
  • 2010 – future: Influencers, denim, leather jacket, skinny jeans, blouse, sneakers, cardigan
  • Future: Sustainable fashion, versatile pieces, technology, sans gender,  creative liberation

Fashion Theory and Sustainable Development

Folks! I’m so excited about bringing back Stories next week, I think it’ll be 2-3 posts a month to begin with! Love, Xx

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30 thoughts on “Summary of Stories 2017

  1. Sustainable fashion is something I’m trying to become more knowledgeable about so I definitely need to go back and read your pieces on that. I love that you have such a great mix of style inspiration + things to learn about here!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Love this series. Nothing like taking a look back at all of your hard work and all of the different trends and styles – from every decade! Pretty timely considering my seamstress told me my wedding gown looked very 1960s to her?! I’ll leave that up to you to decide when you see it 😉


    1. Aaahhh, thank you Quinn!! Oh that sounds exciting love, can’t wait to see your wedding dress! Xx

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