Summary: Posts of September

September is weirdly enough coming to an end and it’s time for a summary of the posts of September. With fashion week going strong, it’s been a lot of posts centered around the circus but also quite some posts on fall fashion, styling and its trends. October is probably my favorite month of the year, so the posts of the month will be all things extra. Excited?! I know I am!  First up though is a recap on September:

Best Posts Of September

3 Most Popular Posts

3 Favorites of Mine

3 Posts You Can’t Miss

Folks, have a lovely weekend and here’s to a magical October! Expect more posts on fall fashion, the fashion weeks and just a bunch of nonsense! Xx

28 thoughts on “Summary: Posts of September

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how quickly this month has gone – literally WHAT happened to it?! As always, I’ve hugely enjoyed your posts, particularly on how to style trending orange shades this Autumn, as well as your thoughts on MFW. Hope October is a fabulous month for you!!

    1. Right?! It’s way too crazy though hahah, please stop the time someone! Thank you love, that means so much to me to hear. Same to you babe! Xx

  2. That quote is SO true! I sometimes struggle with my paintings and I used to turn those away when I would have friends over, but now I’m just like “yeah, it doesn’t work out at the moment, maybe it will if I get inspirational again, but for now that’s just it.” 🙂

    xo Noor

  3. It’s crazy how fast time this month flew by, isn’t it! Well, we end it with a bang, because today’s my birthday, haha! Nothing too crazy on the agenda, maybe a nice long nap, which I haven’t had in what seems like forever, lol. I’ll have to browse through these posts and see what I’ve missed because this month has been a whirlwind for me. Thanks for sharing this roundup and I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead, my friend!


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