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Folks! Do you know what I’ve completely forgotten to do this month? A summary of the best posts of March (say whaaaat)? It’s a long tradition so I can’t possibly break this now as I know so many of you enjoy them too. BUT I’m changing the style a bit,  not sure if I’ll stick to this, but  I want something fresh:

Best Posts Of March | The Fashion Folks

Best Posts of March

The 3 most popular posts:

My top 3 favorites:

3 posts you shouldn’t miss:

If you only have time for 1:

Folks, not too little and not too late: But I hope you’re having a lovely April. Enjoying the sun, working the cute colors and going for the fashionable life as always. You are beloved! Xx

37 thoughts on “Summary: Posts of March

  1. Loving this post, I actually took a little blogging/social media break in the past couple of weeks so sorry for being so quiet, lovely, but this post will help me catch up with everything, so thank you for sharing! Hope you had a lovely month & hope that April is even better, hun! <3 xoxo


  2. These are literally my favorite posts of yours, so I’m glad that you’re not breaking the habit anytime soon!

    P.S. Your comment yesterday literally made my week. Cheers to having our own language through shoes! 😛


    1. Hahah will keep it up for sure! And yes, haha I’m totally here for it! Xx

  3. March was such a good month for you babe! I really enjoyed the 5 trendy details post and 30 ideas for Spring! You always spark my creativity with your fashion tips and I love when you do the A-Z posts!

    Rina Samantha

    1. Thank you so much love, and thank you for the notifying, also good to know which posts that are appreciated! Xx

  4. Fresh is always good, and I think this is a lovely summary layout! I hope you’re having a lovely April as well!

    Amber –

  5. I actually prefer this monthly post summary setup! I’ve read nearly every post, I feel quite accomplished, haha! You always share the best tips and trend reports and I’m already loving what you’ve shared so far this month! I hope you’re having the best week so far, my friend!



    1. Hahah well congrats! Yes I think this format is much better, might do some few changes. Thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown the past month babe, you’re a gem! Xx

  6. Oh girl, I wanted to do this type of post on a monthly basis as well, but I always forget about it and skip it instead, haha. Glad you did yours, so I can get up to date with what I’ve missed. The 20th Century Fashion History:1960-1970 was also one of my faves! Have a nice week! x


    1. Hahah well apparently I’ve begun to miss it too! Aww, thank you love! Xx

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