Summary: Posts of June

I do realize that I always manage to mention time when I write these summary posts. Always complaining or panicking over how fast time is flying by. So I probably shouldn’t mention that half of 2017 is done and we’re 1/3 into summer? Nope? Shouldn’t say that? Don’t worry, won’t mention it! 😉 Here is a summary of the posts of June!

the fashion folks best posts of june

Posts of June

The 3 Most Popular Posts:

My Top 3 Favorites:

3 Posts You Shouldn’t Miss:

If You Only Have Time For One:


Folks! June’s personal post will be up on Monday, so I haven’t forgotten, just a bit late on everything this week! Thank you for all the love in June, let’s make July a good one! Mia, Xx

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Okey folks, let's make this summer magical ❤?

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36 thoughts on “Summary: Posts of June

    1. That’s so nice Camila, thank you gorgeous for the encouragement! Xx

  1. Thanks for breaking these down! I like this idea actually so we can see all the goodies you wrote in the month of June – especially I got to check out if I missed any as well!

  2. I totally and completely agree with that statement. The best time for a new beginning is now. If you wait for put it off you’ll never reach or complete your goals.

    I love your posts for the month of June. They’ve given me so much styling inspiration I actually bought a yellow skirt because of your encouragement for colour! And I have a few more yellow pieces on the way to me lol.

    Rina Samantha

    1. So true though! I heard another quote today that was something like “you know what you have to do, but you don’t do it” and that couldn’t be more true honestly!

      I LOVE that yellow skirt babe, I’m so happy that I inspired you to buy one, that makes me so happy to hear!! Xx

    1. Thank you so much Vanessa, that makes me so happy to hear!! Have a lovely week! Xx

  3. Your compilation of summer and beauty ideas for this summer was SO on point; packed full with inspiration and brilliant tips. Absolutely in love with your chosen quote by the way; I’m totally on that wavelength right now too!!

    1. Fall colors in the summer is a fun combination! Hope you like the post! Xx

    1. It just went away like crazy huh? Have a lovely week gorgeous! Xx

  4. This is probably the first month that I haven’t read nearly all of your articles 🙁 I’ll definitely have to catch up because I always enjoy reading them. June has literally flown by and so has the year, you’re so right. I feel like these past couple of years have gone by faster than any other(s) in times past, wouldn’t you agree? It’s not that we’re getting old(er) either, haha! Anyway, thanks for sharing this recap, beauty, and hopefully the next time we talk I’ll have a baby in my arms and no longer in my belly because this girl is tired of toting around over 7lbs, haha! Have a great weekend!



    1. No need to stress babe!! Hahah you’re quite busy with the waiting/arrival of your baby gurl huh? I haven’t heard anything yet so I hope that everything is fine and that she’s already arrived! Xx

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