Summary: Best posts of April

Folks! Another month is over and another month has begun. This time it’s May embracing our hearts and even I have to admit that it’s one of the finest months of the year. Not a day too late or early this time: Here are the best posts of April!

Posts of April | The Fashion Folks

Posts of April

The 3 Most Popular Posts

My Top 3 Favorites:

3 Posts You Shouldn’t Miss:

If You Only Have Time For One:

Have a May full of love folks, I’ll surely keep on sharing the love of fashion (and beauty) with you all. If you have any specific post requests, let me know in the comments and I shall do my best! Mia, Xx

44 thoughts on “Summary: Best posts of April

  1. So much good content as always! I really love your fashion history posts and your take on current trends. It’s cool when you’re able to tie current favorites back to their first iteration in history.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

  2. Happy May, beautiful! I always feel quite accomplished when I look down the list and I’ve read all of your posts for the month or nearly all, haha, #goodstudent. I look forward to all you share this month, as I know it will be nothing short of inspiring. Cheers to May and the new week, gorgeous!



    1. Hahah thank you babe, always interesting to know what others thinks. Helps me adjust the posts! Xx

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