Summary: Posts of July

Before I head into normal posts tomorrow, like back to talking about fashion and beauty, a summary of July is in its place. It’s a monthly tradition and gotta keep it alive as you all seem to appreciate it! So here’s the posts of July:

Best Posts of July | The Fashion Folks

Posts of July

The 3 Most Popular Posts:

My Top 3 Favorites:

3 Posts You Shouldn’t Miss:

If You Only Have Time For One:

Other than that, have a lovely August folks! Enjoy the last days of summer, get that fashion summer vibe going and keep the sun freckles alive!! Too excited though that it’ll be September when I do one of these posts next time. Like, September? Folks, we’re gonna talk about so much fall fashion and beauty that you’ll get tired of me, lol! Not to mention: fashion week month, gosh!!! Mia, Xx

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26 thoughts on “Summary: Posts of July

  1. I usually can say that I’ve read each and every one of your posts, but this past month, I’ve been a slacker, lol. Well, for good reason though, right?! I had the little miss at the beginning of the month! I’m so glad you shared this because I can go through and read all I’ve missed. I already checked out the awkward color combo post because you know we share the love for colors and for unique color combos at that. I love the combinations you’ve mentioned, though I don’t know if I can truly pull off the orange and green, we shall see, haha! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great start to your August so far!



    1. Hahah oh c’mon!!! I dare you to pull off orange and green. I know you’d work it! Think a palm leaves print in white and green + orange details? Genius! Xx

  2. Your posts are always fun and I really enjoy reading them!! And you always give me inspiration and ideas for my outfits!! x


  3. ‘Trend Alert: Straw Accessories’ has been one of my favourite posts on your blog in the month of July! I love the trend, though have yet to bring it into my wardrobe very much – brilliant inspiration, as always!!

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