Summary of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017

Some people call Paris the capital of love, I don’t know about that, but I do know that the city constantly cements its position as the fashion capital of the world. The last week of fashion month delivered a good mix of French style, refined classicism as well as trendy looks going youthful. Here’s the summary of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017!

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 | The Fashion Folks

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Notable Shows

Chloé Fall 2017

There were two shows in specific I pointed out as extra interesting this fashion month. One of them is Chloé, with this being Claire Waight Keller’s last collection for the brand after 6 years.  Waight Keller has always kept her design for Chloé a bit retro, a bit feminine and practical. Her last collection might  not have been the best one, but a worthy adieu to an extraordinary run. It was a bit 60s, some 70s, it was floral, yellow and brown in combination, cute collars and looks that felt very Parisian. This cape also existed and if you ask me, it’s pure geniusness and a piece that would justify life, you know. Mercí Claire! See full collection here.

Givenchy Fall 2017

The other one of the two anticipated shoes is Givenchy. It’s the first collection without Riccardo Tisci and a collection of the Givenchy Studio (a successor has yet to be announced). The collection consist of earlier looks from Givenchy with one twist: everything is in red. It’s the iconic Bambi sweater, but in red. It’s the mermaid look (at least that’s what I call it), but in red. And so it goes. The looks are some of the best from the Givenchy’s catalogue and the color red might not make all the outfits justice, but a fun touch nevertheless. This is by all means not a hint of the direction Givenchy is heading towards, but more of a pause and summary of the work so far. See full collection here.

Trends Fall 2017

The trends from Paris are all, not so surprisingly, kind of vintage. We have the space vibe from Chanel, the lady life from the bigger fashion houses and a good dose of the 1980s. The eyes are bronzy and the lips are mahogany (very fancy stuff). It’s a fall for blazers, tweed and dark shades of jewel tones!

Fashion Trends Fall 2017

Space – I rarely speak of Chanel, if not in terms of the brand’s historical impact, as Chanel is a modern reflection of a chocolate box (with the descriptive pictures) – you always know what you’ll get. This year the theme was space and 60s in one good mix. Still very lady, very Chanel and look after look that goes into one another. Anyways, let’s go space with boots, glitter and shades of metallic, I’m here for it! See collection here.

Lady – Leave it to Paris to go full lady style for fall 2017. Or kind of lady meeting the 1980s but also lady style as in houndstooth, tweed, blazers and blouses. The only thing missing is a dog, a pair of red gloves and red lipstick. Chanel, of course, took it to the lady life. So did Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Giambattista Valli. Ladylike for life? Perhaps.

1980s – If there’s only one trend you should know about this spring and upcoming fall, it’s the 1980s (cause I talk about it in every other post). The oversized clothes, the pastel shades and the power suits are everywhere this year. Balenciaga presented a gorgeous dress with a 1980s feeling. Stella McCartney also embraced the decade with oversized blazers and silhouettes. Isabel Marant touched the decade too, with layers, belts and shoulders in focus.

Beauty Trends Fall 2017

Bronzy eyes – Acne took it smokey with bronzy shades for fall. One or two shades of bronze and frame the eyes accordingly. Easy and so good! Also a great match with the darker colors of fall. Both jewel tones, but also the rusty shades! See close-up here.

Mahogany lips – I feel like I’m being very opinionated in this post, but I’m not the biggest fan of celebrity collections in fashion. However, Fenty x Puma hits some high scores every now and then. As for fall, doing a Mahogany shade for the lips is a homerun! Play with the depth of the color with more red or brown in the lipstick to find your precise shade. And yes, kind of chic with the sporty fashion. See below.

Designer Spotlight: Giambattista Valli Fall 2017

Ironically enough, Givenchy didn’t give us the dark design aesthetic that Tisci often did, but – so did Giambattista Valli. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought of this collection as Givenchy but more romanticized. Well well, a lovely collection nevertheless with quite a high level. A lot of floral, lace, ruffles, bows and classic shades of red, white and black. This look is one of the best from all the fashion weeks. This look might not be something new, but is done so well. I like the flamenco vibes as in this look and this one. Not too keen on this jacket, nor this look. But that are kind of the two distinct low points too. Valli might be trying new styles for his brand, but he is still playing rather safe with it. Nothing too unusal or innovative, but in line with looks that are likeable. It works of course, but it might not capture the fashion heart fully. See full collection here and more looks below!


Some thoughts

  • I have all the respect in the world for Elie Saab and his team. They’ve managed to win the hearts of millions of people around the globe, with different style preferences, in only a few years time. But c’mon, the runway’s design was a disaster. It looked like the models were a part of the interior as they blended in too well with the floor, the colors, the front row people and the light reflections. Only I that felt this way? Stunning collection though, if I only could see it better, lol. See collection here.
  • Dior is continuing the line of a young Parisian woman in the 90s. This is kind of good though, as the brand need to approach the younger generation too (even though we definitely can’t afford it, lol). Love the inspiration anyways. See collection here.
  • Except the Hermès bags, Hermès is not as famous for their clothes. But I liked them this season, kind of a Paris version of Burberry. Great play of colors, silhouettes and details. See collection here.
  • Even though this is the last summary of the fashion weeks, there are still posts left centering the weeks. So hopefully, you’re not too tired of them, if not, I’ll make sure that you are in a few weeks time, lol!

Folks! That’s a wrap of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017! Favorite looks, shows, hits or miss? Leave a comment! Xx

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61 thoughts on “Summary of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017

  1. Paris really is the capital fashion of the world! I have only had the pleasure to visit it once, but I could already see the surrounding fashion on the streets and how much more stylish everyone looked there, than in the UK, haha! I actually really like the style of Chloe dresses, they’re a little traditional and old-fashioned, but something about them is just so feminine and romantic, and I really like that. 🙂 I think a lot of designers these days offer clothes that are a little too revealing sometimes, so being a granny at heart I do really like more traditional dresses! Sooo into the trend of mahogany lips, also! I want to try that out now. 😀 Thanks for sharing another fab post, darling! <3 xoxo


    1. Hahah I love that though “granny at heart”. The fashion these days definitely feel more nude and focused on skin, so I definitely appreciate when the clothes are put first and not only showing off! Thank you babe! Xx

  2. Yes to bronzy eyes! It’s pretty much my go to look whenever I need to look put together and that I put extra effort into my makeup. What a great summary!

  3. The end of fashion month is always bittersweet when it comes to Paris. Paris never fails! The Chloe collection definitely had some noteworthy pieces (that cape included), and I loved how bold the Givenchy collection was. I’m not completely on board with the space or 80’s nods, but I love the ladylike vibes. Is that boring? Oh well. I’ve been pretty big on Elie Saab lately, so I loved the latest honestly.

    This is a fabulous review Mia, and I hope you have a wonderful new week!

    Amber –

    1. Right? Hahah Paris always ends it in a lovely way so it’s bittersweet when you feel the most inspired. That cape was golden though, loved it!! Hahah we’ll see about the space trends, perhaps more will embrace it? Love white and metallic in combination though! Thank you darling Xx

        1. Hahah I should have gone with “Thank you babe, it was so much fun to do Fenty X Puma” *pretending to be Joan Smalls*!

  4. I always love your fashion week roundups and summaries. I rarely take the time to browse collections online anymore (I used to do it a ton when I had more time!) so I appreciate you making me not so out of the style loop!

  5. Great roundup! My favourite collecrions were probably Chanel
    and Givenchy from an artistic and inspirational perspective. Oh no! I didn’t see the Elie Saab runway but now I must have. look. Thanks for sharing! x /Madison

  6. I think it’s pretty cool that Givenchy brought back some of their previous looks, but in a bold trending color, red! I don’t remember this ever really being done before, correct me if I’m wrong! To be honest, Chanel never really excites me for the reasons you’ve mentioned, it’s just way too predictable. I understand that the core is to always be lady-like, but there has be to be other ways to go about it in a more contemporary and interesting way, like merging edge and lady like in a tweed and leather moto set instead of the classic, that would be cool! I couldn’t agree more with you on Elie Saab, the collection is absolutely gorgeous, but the models to get lost within the background, not allowing for the pieces to truly pop as they should’ve, they really should’ve considered an all white backdrop, since the colors are so rich and saturated. Thanks so much for sharing this recap, gorgeous girlie, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!



    1. It probably has been done before, or in a similar way, but it obviously didn’t leave a lasting impact – lol! And even though I have so much respect for Karl Lagerfeld, it’ll be interesting to see how a new person would interpretate Chanel and the legendary style. And yes, haha white or silver or grey would do the looks justice. I’m mad, lol! Xx

  7. Haha, I am never tired of your summaries! In fact, I haven’t updated much on the new trends, what happened during FW, so your posts are really helping me! Keep ’em coming! The Chanel show was genius and I really loved the space vibes (and all those metallics, duh :D). As for the Chloe one, I feel like a lot of fast fashion stores will embrace those sweet collars. Have a lovely weekend! x


  8. To me Paris the highlight of all the fashion weeks, and these pictures prove that to be so. All of these looks are fabulous, and I can’t wait to see how they translate into fall fashion next year.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  9. The Dior collection you linked so chic and classic! It’s great to see what’s on the runways, although I always seem to be drawn more to the street style looks. Thanks for sharing!

    Kathryn •

  10. WOW, I feel like there is so much to talk about here! I’m a little embarrassed so say that the beauty trends make me excited for fall because it’s not even spring yet. I might try out that bronzed eye makeup look over the summer. I also noticed that the Fenty x Puma collection was surprisingly pretty neat. I have to admit that the Givenchy bold red designs maybe were my favorite?!


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