Summary of Trend Reports 2019

Instead of writing a new trend report for this week, I thought it’d be a better idea to summarize all the trend alerts of 2019 so far. I know trends are problematic from a perspective of sustainability, but they are undoubtedly great when it comes to inspiration. Also, discovering new trends is a way of learning about new ways you can style your clothes. Learning how to style your clothes in new ways will favorable improve your style and hopefully make the experience more enjoyable. With that said, here’s a summary of the trend reports of 2019:

Trend Alerts 2019

Eyeshadows 2019

Beige 2019

Monochromatic Suits

Snake Print

Neon 2019

Turtlenecks Spring 2019

Tulle 2019


Zebra Print

Asymmetrical Skirts

Yellow 2019

Animal Boots

Folks! Do you have a favorite trend from these trend reports 2019? Let me know in the comments! Xx

24 thoughts on “Summary of Trend Reports 2019

  1. I’m all about monochromatic looks and vibrant yellow! As I told you a few comments ago I am more determined to wear colors this year, I felt that my wardrobe turned to black since I moved to Europe and seeing all these trends popping out are definitely an inspiration!

    1. I’m definitely gonna join you with your goal! Have to wear more colors this year for sure. It makes me happier haha, might sound nerdy but actually true! Xx

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