A complete summary of NYFW

And the first, of the four major fashion weeks, is a wrap! New York delivered a wide range of collections, with a span from classic to street and a lot of eclecticism. We reviewed Christian Siriano’s collection on Monday and on Tuesday we showed some love for street style wear. So today we’ll just wrap the week up by talking about the collections, what happened, the buzz and some trends. This is our complete summary of NYFW (if we may say so). AND pssst, if you’re still not sure what the circus is, read this post first

A complete summary of NYFW. The trends, the buzz and the shows! | The Fashion Folks

Notable shows:

Of course there were more shows worthy of attention (or everyone that is actually. Whether you like the collection or not, it’s often fun to watch). But the ones below are some of the shows that got more attention than others for better or worse.

Tommy Hilfiger

With a newly launched collection with Gigi Hadid, the American designer’s classic and nautical style got a big social media coverage. With a cosy touch, it featured turtlenecks, blazers and all things navy. See the full collection here.  And see Gigi below! 

Tory Burch

People (social media again, hello!) seemed to like Burch’s preppy, wearable, clothes in vibrant colors. We did too, catch our mini-review below! See the full collection here.

Victoria Beckham

The British designer’s show drew attention. Not for the clothes in specific, but for her use of young and skinny models (some said they looked unhealthy). Which is, unfortunately, not something new to the industry but nevertheless shameful. And weirder it becomes as young and notably skinny people, are probably not Beckham’s (nor the industry’s) main buyers. IT’S A WEIRD WORLD. But progress, (read: slow progress) is being made. Read about Christian Siriano’s collection here. And see Victoria Beckham’s here

Fashion Trends spotted:


Sleeves, sleeves and more sleeves. Almost no show didn’t make a statement of the sleeves for spring 2017. Vera Wang, DKNY, Rodarte and Proenza Schouler to mention a few.  Often in shape of, off the shoulder and oversized in combo. Nevertheless, we like this trend! And yes, some have a certain resemblance to ham sleeves (And no, we’ll never stop chatting about them).


Talking about oversized, remember how we talked about the 80s being back this fall? Well it continues to “being back” next season too. With Zac Posen showing large dimensions and Proenza Schouler (see below) bringing the 80s vibe. It’s kind of a fact.


Is lace really ever out of style? Nope. But next year, white lace dresses with a touch of history seems to be a thing. Rodarte showed them as well as Oscar De La Renta. And yes, we expect to see a lot more lace in the upcoming shows too!

Beauty Trends spotted:

Fresh Face

We’re not sure why we say that this is a trend because it’s not. The fresh face look is common to use and is basically a no makeup makeup look. Jason Wu did defined eyebrows, some light makeup on the lips and quite some highlighter. Monique Lhuillier did same but with a matte base and some light-rosy cheeks.

Bold Lips

DKNY (see below) is keeping the Bad Romance feeling for spring! Quite refreshing if you ask us. A neutral makeup look and then dark lips in colors of burgundy, red, black, and brown/gold. Rodarte also showed some darker lips! 

Spotlight: Tory Burch Spring 2017

Both you readers and I, talk about the importance of wearability. Even though we love to dream too (and when areas of art is explored), it’s just not realistic to dream about hundreds of collections and thousands of looks. We want to wear them too (well, if one can afford it). Not have this wide gap between looks on the runway and things in store. HOWEVER, to the point: Tory Burch demonstrated wearability and likeability in her collection.

With vibrant colors, charming patterns, a touch of preppy and some nautical vibes, Burch summarized everyone’s idea of a luxurious summer. Stretching from Hamptons to the Amalfi coast, we’d love to be wherever these people (that’ll be wearing the designs) will be next year. She kept the silhouette classic, focused on playing with patterns and details, rather than defying body and silhouette laws. With a lot of wearable dresses and classic pieces such as blazers and sweaters, one comes a long way! 

Pssst, next stop is London Fashion Week!  Of course we’ll cover it too! Any thoughts on our “complete summary of NYFW”? Hit us in the comments!

72 thoughts on “A complete summary of NYFW

  1. Hi there! I was utterly chocked to see the runway photos of Victoria Beckams models. I was actually more focused on the models then the actual fashion… its indeed a weird world :/ but Love knowing some of the trends like oversized clothing and bold lip statements! great sum up so thank you for the share 😉

    Have a great weekend!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script


  2. It’s funny but from what I could tell Victoria Beckham’s models were not that much thinner (or at all) then many other designers/shows and no one else came under this scrutiny. So what is the difference? I think it is her. She herself is super thin and I think this is why she was singled out. It is not PC to hate over weight women but it is A OK to hate thin women. Just saying.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. I know, several of these models walked for other designers too, and an interesting reflection that it goes back to herself. However, I do wonder if her clothes and the tone of her collection enhanced the models bodies too. The clothes are not hiding collarbones, arms etc, areas that one usually can see one’s body in relation to weight! In fact, they do kind of highlights the areas. Xx


  3. Thanks for the recap, so nice to have it all in one place! Gigi looked so fierce (as always) in Tommy Hilfiger. It’s too bad that Victoria Beckham used such sickly, thin and young models, definitely not setting a great role model for women, but that being said, she herself isn’t a very healthy size either. So happy to know that OTS shoulder and defined sleeves will be big hits next year, I love those trends!

    1. Thank you love! It’s too bad indeed, and crazy as her designs would work on more body types than just unhealthy looking models! And so happy about the defined sleeves too, such a fun and chic way of fashion! Xx


  4. How are you not fashion reporting for all of the glossies?! Your observations and thoughts are positively brilliant – and so editorial-worthy.

    Despite all of the hoopla over the Beckham show, I absolutely adored it. The clothing was magnificent!


    1. Gosh, thank you woman! Haha I ask myself that everyday. Or at least I’m thinking about The Fashion Folks being up there! Thank you though, honestly, it makes me so so happy to have your support! It was a lovely collection indeed, but the choice of models kind of ruined the center of attention! Xx


  5. You NEVER cease to amaze me, girl! I’m seriously not just saying this, I’m being very sincere when I say that I can see this site becoming a major go-to source for all things fashion, beauty, and everything in between. It has such a strong editorial feel, like a magazine publication, and I truly wish you the best in success and growth. I just had to get that out of my system, although I’ve problem said this (many times) before 🙂 Okay, so I’m LOVING Tory’s collection, I can truly see why it’s all the rage because it’s so practical and how can you not be happy looking at all of those fun prints and colors!? I took a look at VB’s collection and I can see what the stir is about, the girls do appear unhealthy and overly thin. However, the clothing is extremely beautiful and I love how she carried over the velvet trend for fall into spring with lighter colors and silhouettes. Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have an amazing day!



    1. I BLUSH! Can’t tell you how much your support means to me! Always so encouraging, happy and full of positive vibes. I know I’ll get there one day, and when I do, you should know that you have certainly contributed with your lovely support. This makes what I’m doing valid, and it feels valuable, thanks to your confirmation of what I write. Thank you so so so much gorgeous, you’re too kind for your own good! Making me feeling all spoiled and everything!

      As for the post: YES I know, Tory Burch’s collection makes you happy. The colors are so popping and the patterns so vibrant so you just want to be a part of that world! As for Beckham, she really did have a lovely collection. So sad though that the use of models took over the conversation (even though it’s a good conversation to have and she should have just gone with a more healthy looking appearance).

      Thank you Jalisa for your love and support again, you’re a babe! Xx


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