Summary of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017

Another fashion week is done and 3 out of 4 cities have had their spotlight so far! Milan fashion week is always a mix of Italian women, art history, romance, passion and some fashion madness á la Moschino, Gucci and Marni! Here’s Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017:

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017

Notable Shows

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017

It feels like I’m always talking about Dolce & Gabbana, which I do tbh. But their design aesthetic is easy to like and something many can relate too. This year the Italian designer duo went full on show during their fashion presentation last week. Over 124 looks were presented (!!) and somewhere along the idea of the show and the idea of a fashion collection, I’m not sure how a summary is manageable. Instead of only using models D&G went pop culture ,fashion bloggers and youtubers. Beloved Aimee Song was one of many to walk the runway. As for the clothes, they were what you’d expect. Lace, red, black, gold, some leo, quite royal, embellishment for sure and also some pop  of magenta, yellow and red. All very feminine and classy with a touch of crazy. See the full collection here, cause there’s no way I’m able to sum it up properly.

Jil Sander Fall 2017

If I’m having a hard time finding the words for D&G, I definitely know what to say of Jil Sander. PERFECT color scale for fall. Quite traditional with mustard yellow, camel, burgundy, nature white and blue green – but ever so lovely. The colors are pretty dove and easy for the eye to register, which is perfect for fall and the moderate intensity of fall fashion. I also love the looks of bronze, a great way of adding metallic to fall in a wearable context. And the clothes? They’re oversized, minimalistic and sophisticated – all you can expect from Jil Sander. See full collection here.

Trends Fall 2017

The trends for this upcoming fall season is pretty much a reflection of what you normally get. Layers, cozy pieces and a focus on the whole look rather than the specific pieces. How about turtleneck, monochrome and blazers? As for beauty, keep your hair loose and go for peachy lips!

Fashion Trends Fall 2017

Turtleneck – Keep the turtleneck this year folks as the piece is still going strong. Jil Sander, Diesel Black Gold and Sportmax are only some of the brands that worked the clothing piece. Preferably should it be done in a layered look as the statement of the neck is favorable. The designers mostly worked tight turtleneck tops, but we all know that oversized knitted sweaters are too cozy to ignore as well! This trend was also seen with one of the biggest trends for fall, oversized jackets!

Monochrome – If I don’t talk about D&G enough, it do feel like I mention monochrome in every other post I write here. But the fashion gods have obviously (not) read my request about more monochrome, cause that’s what we’ll be seeing a lot (like a lot) of the coming season. Pucci was bold enough to embrace a monochrome look in green and Moschino & Salvatore Ferragamo also worked one shade top to toe.

Blazer – Believe it or not but a blazer is not one of my favorite pieces. I know many of you adore them and consider them as a fashion essential, but I’m not there – yet. Cause for fall 2017 the blazers are pretty much everywhere (or will be). Armani worked the piece, MSGM as well and also Jil Sander, not to forget Salvatore Ferragamo! Some designs are perfectly fitted and others embrace the 1980s in shape of oversized shoulders. I’m more for the tailored ones in a fun cut and preferably with a statement blouse or a turtleneck.

Beauty Trends Fall 2017

Peachy lips – I don’t care if this is a trend or not but Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini worked the prettiest shade of lips I’ve seen in awhile. And even more genius to do it for fall! Or how about peachy lips with a touch of gloss? Just see how gorgeous. Feels a bit 60s and I’ll surely work them with a heavy liner!

Lazy hair – I don’t know who’s the most lazy regarding this. Am I the most lazy for choosing lazy hair as a trend, or are the designers lazy for going lazy hair on the catwalk or are we all the laziest for always working lazy hair? Well well, one of the trends for fall 2017 is to do nothing about the hair. Just let it loose and let it be. Perhaps keep it a bit wavy, perhaps do a side part, perhaps keep the morning hair. You get me! Max Mara, Missoni and Marni (and so many more) kept it simple!

Designer Spotlight: Gucci

The thing with Gucci is that you never know what you’ll get, except a show of fashion crazy. There is a theme  in the collection, as in Gucci’s own theme (song), but it’s quite specific and is more or less the same each season. Or how about retro going glam going Alice in Wonderland going maximalism? Cause that’s where you somewhere have Gucci. And same as for D&G is true for Gucci, it’s hard to summarize a collection with no cohesiveness but only an overall theme. There are however some gems of looks that are to be highlighted and praised. This look is in true Gucci spirit and so fierce with the set and floral pattern. Another look of Gucci is this one, that is too cute with the collars. This one looks like something from last year, but comes with the perfect amount of crazy!

So why spotlight? Well Gucci should get an applause for keeping their touch of individuality and creativity – no matter the season or current trends. Even though they do change their way of style after the creative director, they always keep a core of fashion madness. Here’s the full collection!

Personal Thoughts

  • Milan fashion week is definitely second to best of the fashion weeks according to me! The Italians do know their food, beverages, cars and fashion! 
  • Max Mara brought the coat game to a new level this season. So many simple, classic and fierce coats. I wouldn’t mind them all tbh.
  • Leave it to Bottega Veneta to keep the glam life of fashion alive. The Italian brand went 1940s and did it so well. So many gorgeous looks with the elegance of the 40s – so pretty!

And that’s a wrap on Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017! Hope you enjoyed the touch of Italy folks,  leave a thought or two in the comment section below and let me know what you think!

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46 thoughts on “Summary of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017

  1. I have to say – maybe Milan fashion week is now my fave?! Between turtlenecks, blazers, and lazy hair alone, it’s safe to say I’m on board. The D&G designs are just so cool, but I know that my business casual side will take away the Jil Sander aesthetic 😉


  2. Gucci totally deserves the spotlight. Loving all their recent collections and red carpet dresses. Interesting to hear D&G went with bloggers and vloggers for runway models. Definitely have to check that out! I also see the crowns are back!

    xx Yasmin

  3. I am so behind on catching up on runway shows, it’s not even funny. I love your recaps because it helps me feel like I’m a little more caught up. haha. Dolce and Gabbana is actually one of my favourite collections to watch. I agree about Gucci being very unexpected often. While I absolutely love the brand, I feel like you know when something is current and when it’s not by the most recent (or old) because the GG logo has changed so many times – and to me that’s a shame for the price you pay for bag or shoes. That being said, I actually love the most recent GG and hope they just keep this one!
    BTW – totally not ready for peachy lips lol Great recap!


  4. The first thing I noticed is the makeup, to be honest. Haha. I am definitely loving the lazy hair and peachy lips.

    Anyway, for me, Gucci has the most interesting while remaining aesthetically pleasing collection. Thank you for sharing this, I love the photos!

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

  5. I love that Dolce and Gabbana decided to used real people like bloggers ( I love Aimee Song!) and You Tubers for their collection. Afterall, we are the real people wearing the clothes (I mean not me personally coz I can’t afford it but if I could I would lol). Also love the minimalism that is Jil Sanders collection. I’ve tried to styled some outfits this way but am never really good at the execution lol. Lastly, I’m so happy to hear bedhead is in! That’s basically how I wear my hair on a daily basis lol! I have NO time to style on a day to day basis and my hair rarely sees a curling iron anymore =(


  6. Gucci, Versace, and D&G have been amongst my top favorites for as long as I can remember. I love their bold looks that are practical for everyday life taken up a notch (or two). That said, I love the collections for both Gucci & D&G that debuted for the season. Give me all the prints and details, haha! I think it was pure genius for D&G to include top influencers into their show because it creates a relative, intimate impact with the potential buyer, they connect more with real people who aren’t celebrities (though they’re often considered these days). It’s also not too far fetched because the ladies they’ve included in the show have worn the brand for years prior, so it was an organic fuse. My overall style isn’t minimalistic by any means, however, there are times that I do favor the style and approach and so, I love the collection of Jil Sander. The things is the pieces look so good paired together for a full on minimalistic look, but I love that they’d work just as well with bolder pieces, perhaps mixed in with some of those featured in the Gucci & D&G collections! Thanks so much for sharing this recap with us, beautiful, and I hope you’re having the best week so far; Happy March!



    1. So true though that D&G, Gucci and Versace are everyday fashion with a twist. They all have a great base in wearable pieces but they always find ways to add to the fashion crazy – which I love. And D&G was so clever this year with going for bloggers/relatable people (also a great PR trick, lol). And Jil Sander had a great base for maximalism as well, and definitely potential on going full fashionista! Xx

    1. Hahah, thank you love, glad to know these kinds of posts are appreciated! And Milan definitely outdid NYFW and London. A bit more refined and a more classic touch of fashion and style! D&G went crazy, but so many gorgeous gems! Same babe! Xx

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