Summary: Fashion Weeks Winter 2018

Folks! Before I head into summarizing all the beauty and fashion trends for fall 2018, I thought we all needed a summarizing article on the fashion weeks. Just an article with everything in one place to get a proper overview. Here’s a summary of the fashion weeks this winter:

summary of fashion weeks winter 2018

New York Fashion Week February 2018

Collection Review: Brock Collection Fall 2018

Highlights: Ralph Lauren with 1940s beach vibes, 1980s madness, diversity amongst models, Oscar de la Renta!

Fashion Trends: Animal prints, interpretative bohemian, mixing prints and 1980s overload

Street Style: Statement jackets, camel colors, plaid pattern and red

Full Article: Summary of NYFW February 2018

London Fashion Week February 2018

Collection Review: Huishan Zhang Fall 2018

Highlights: Christopher Bailey x Burberry, more is more and Erdem

Fashion Trends: Office wear, print statements and words

Street Style: Blazers, bright colors, midi lengths, black boots

Full Article: Summary of LFW February 2018

Milan Fashion Week February 2018

Collection Review: Alberta Ferretti Fall 2018

Highlights: Runway statements (Gucci’s heads and animals, D&G’s drones and Tod’s puppies), colorful fall and maximalism fashion.

Fashion Trends: Sportswear, waist statements and camel colors

Street Style:  Midi lengths, bright colors and layers

Full Article: Summary of MFW February 2018

Paris Fashion Week March 2018

Collection Review: Rochas Fall 2018

Highlights: Chanel’s runway scenery, Dior’s feminist statement and Valentino’s comeback!

Fashion Trends: 1980s mood, layered looks and pieces of prints

Street Style: Blazers, bright colors, plaid pattern, layers, high boots

Full Article: Summary of PFW March 2018


Folks! Which fashion week was your favorite and why? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

17 thoughts on “Summary: Fashion Weeks Winter 2018

  1. Such a short and good way to give your final opinion on this Fashion Week edition. As you, I always like to make a summary and pick up the best of every city. In a few words and my top pick: Del Pozo!

  2. Wow I absolutely love the racing stripes on the gown, that’s such a flawless look that I don’t think I’ve seen done before, or at least to that extent. I loved all of those looks.

    Wandering Everywhere

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