Stylish Looks From Rochas Resort 2019

Okey, I know, I only intended to talk about a collection or two from resort 2019, but I can’t help but sharing all the gems I find! Rochas resort 2019 wasn’t good/interesting enough to talk about in its entirety but there are some stylish looks that deserves some recognition. Here’s my favorites and why I think they work! Catch the full collection here!

Rochas Resort 2019

Matte Peach Dress

First of all, the color of this dress is itself absolute perfection with the matte peach color feeling all vintage. The defined and embellished front would be chic enough on its own, but is fashionably balanced with the draped and voluminous back – giving the dress a nice twist. What’s even better is the adding of the snake shoes, which adds a necessary attitude to the more preppy and retro dress. The touch of green also breaks off the color scheme nicely, but is still in line with the nature style. This look, if anything, demonstrates how simple, yet detailed, a look can be without being too much nor too boring!

Rochas Resort 2019

Eyelet A-line Dress

To another look with a retro touch is this one. Honestly it’s not a fave, but I can’t ignore it as it’s still really good. The monochromatic style of the dress, shoes and bags shows how stylish it can be to go for the same color repeatedly in one outfit. I think the dress itself also shows how chic vintage fashion and the contemporary style can be mixed. You have the eyelet trend, the sleeves, the pleated skirt and mix of pattern. What gives this look an edge is the collar with the snake print, which contrasts both from a color perspective but also regarding the print and style in general!

Rochas Resort 2019

Red Dress With a Twist

After the LBD and the LWD, the Little Red Dress is surely the third classic, right? Well anyways, this red dress from Rochas resort 2019 is a total gem. The intense red shade is favorably balanced with the loose fabric of the skirt, the bow and the loose sleeves. The dropped waist adds a nice twist and so does the squared black line. I like how wearable this dress is yet interesting with the details that are done slightly differently. I think the 1940s style of shoes works to the dress, but can’t help but thinking that more modern looking shoes would do even better!

Rochas Resort 2019

Golden Gown

Ah! Talk about elegant simplicity,  but isn’t this dress just divine? Everything from the sophisticated golden color to the subtle pattern, to the length and the layering of the cape/ruffle part – it’s just perfection! I know that placing fabric/a cape that way easily makes a clothing piece look more pretentious than confident, but I think it works here as the sleeves also adds some volume and flow to the dress. The idea of keeping the waist structured, and the rest of the dress simple, helps too. This dress could easily be worn to a formal wedding or why not by a celeb on the red carpet? It’s elegant and subtly empowering!

Folks! Which one of these looks is your favorite from Rochas resort 2019? Or do you have another one? Let me know in the comments! Xx

Rochas Resort 2019

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14 thoughts on “Stylish Looks From Rochas Resort 2019

  1. I love the voluminous pieces but have to say it’s not something that is practical for say, when you’re actually travelling and wearing it for resort. I love the sleeves but the looks look a little heavy to me. I agree about the shoes for the outfit for the second look. Not my personal favourite but appreciate the design elements, as you say! Have a wonderful week!


    1. Hahah nope! All of these looks are more appropriate for a fancy event or so. Definitely not travel-friendly from that point of view! Xx

  2. That matte peach dress. THAT MATTE PEACH DRESS. Oh my gosh, what an absolute dream! I love the unusual snake print heels too; so much to love about them and especially with the contrasting colours. Although having said that, the golden gown is all kinds of special. It looks as though it belongs in a protected case at a museum – spectacular!! x

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