Street Style Shoes Fashion Week 2017

If the street style is the highlight of the fashion weeks, the shoes are the spotlight. I have a never ending love for statement shoes and all the shoes used during fashion week are just at another level. Definitely regarding styling, but also the shoes in their own shape. Not convinced? Here are the street style shoes fashion week 2017.  Do note that all of these shoes are from the recent fashion weeks (aka winter time) = not that many colorful heels but more practical boots!

Green Boots

I am completely in love with these ones. They’re edgy, wearable and looks kind of comfy. The mix of colors and prints is a chic and fun combination. Like the classic brown leather meeting the snake print? So good! I also love that shaft height is high and the lacing around. Even better that they’re paired with a patent leather skirt (?). Don’t know how the whole outfit look but I’m sure it’s a stylish one!

Statement Heel

Aren’t these mules going kitten heels the cutest? I used to hate kitten heels when I was younger, but I love them now. Especially when they come with a statement heel in red that is reminiscent of a rope (or those strawberry string candy). I’d wear these with probably anything, perhaps a chic LBD or red culottes?

Lace Up Platform Shoes

I wasn’t sure whether or not to include these Miu Mius shoes. I’m sure you’ve seen the pink ballerina version on social media, but I do have to say that I kind of like these green platforms too. The match of the fabric of the ballerina and the material of the platform is kind of an awkward but chic contrast. Miu Miu definitely found a nice pitch with the gingham lacing. Cute, contemporary and chic!

Tan colored shoes

So it’s official, tan and yellow is a combination to count on. How chic aren’t these ankle boots with the yellow heel? I probably should know the label but I don’t (same one as the kitten heels above, right?). But nevertheless a chic option to play with colorful statement heels to regular shoes. I think they actually work surprisingly well with the grey (even though tan and yellow feels warmer), perhaps because it feels like a mix of the 60s?

OTK Boots

Another thing that’s official is that I’ve found my dream OTK boots. Seriously though, how stylish aren’t these? The OTK boots that have been trending are mainly slim ones in suede, but these ones are so fierce. I love the steady heel and the angular feeling of the material. I’m not even sure where these boots end though? Are they pants going on shoes or what? Love them, please give me them etc.

Spool Heel Shoes

And yes, I do love these spool shaped shoes. Hahah they’re kind of ugly tbh, but a fun and contemporary idea of the historic shoes. I love the awkward shape of the heel and how uncomfortable they look. The bows are a great contrast with the black and keeps the sweet feeling intact. Love the zip detail on the inside too. A bit off but kind of good!

Folks! Some favorites out of these street style shoes? Leave a comment below! Xx

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40 thoughts on “Street Style Shoes Fashion Week 2017

  1. OMG those spool shoes…I’m with you about how fun they look but lord are they kinda ugly…then again, I think those freaking Miu Miu ballerina shoes are ugly as hell too. The green platform ones aren’t bad, but I’m just not into their design overall at all. I “get” it, but I don’t “like” it. lol

    As someone who’s severely obsessed with shoes (I’ve been known to get pairs that aren’t my size simply to just have them), I’m really enjoying those funky colored statement heels. Also- the pantboot is amazing!!

    Style Tomes

    1. Hahha I’m gonna start using that though “I get it but I don’t like it”. Hahah I don’t know how many fashion trends I have/know where I could use that. Lol! Hahah gosh, woman, that’s definitely a level of shoeaholic! XX

  2. I’m glad OTK boots are here to stay, since I finally got a pair 🙂 Also, I’m in love with those tan/yellow boots!! Shoes are my favorite… now you’ve got me wanting to shop 🙂

  3. The green boots are gorgeously edgy; they combine so many different styles which makes them SO special. Also still loving over the knee boots, though I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of spool heels haha. Hope you’re having a fab week so far babe!!

  4. I love my OTK boots, and I hope the trend stays around for several more seasons because I over did it a little this past season. Oops! I am also obsessed with the tan boots.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  5. Oooh, I haven’t put much thought into street style shoes recently, but you’ve caught my interest! Spoon heels are fascinating, but they’re so strange. I can’t get enough OTK boots. I hope that trend sticks around for a long while!

    Amber –

  6. As usual you’ve foud the most interesting styles to show, hun!
    My love for otk boots is still, but I really like those lace up platform ballet shoes as well ( and they look pretty comfy as well)
    I love even green boots and statement heels, but I don’t like so much mules… 😉
    Great selection, hun!

  7. These are all such unique and amazing shoes for sure! I love nearly all of them, except the last pair, I’m not sold on the heel shape. I absolutely ADORE those Miu Miu platforms, even more so than the original ballerina flats; they’re so cool and different! I love statement shoes because you can keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple if you so choose, yet still have something eye catching going on! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful babe, and I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far!



  8. So many new styles to try! TBH, I’m partial to the OTK boots {so surprising, right?!} – they’re probably the only ones I would wear from this selection; though I do kind of dig those tan and yellow ankle boots {go figure}.


  9. Shoes can definitely make or break any outfit that is why I think it is one of the most important accessory in any outfit. I am also always staring at statement shoes during fashion week and then browse websites endlessly for days after for nice statement shoes that will fit my budget (but unfortunately none of them ever does). Great selection! 🙂

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

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