Street Style September 2020

What I love about September is the transitional fashion. So easy to work shorts with a sweater, jeans with a tank top or a flowy dress with a cardigan. Love how the summer fashion interacts with the fall fashion. With this in mind, here’s some fashionable inspiration from the street style September 2020! 

Street Style September 2020

Statement Materials

This look is perhaps not the easiest to try yourself, but at the same time – why not? So incredibly chic with the contrasting statement materials. Love the suede jacket, with the leather skirt and the knitted sweater. Even more chic with the matching boots and the knitted socks. Also love the color balance. The boots connects nicely with the skirt. The socks are matching the jacket, sort of. Don’t be afraid to mix at least three statement materials this year. Try leather with denim and something knitted. Or a silk top with a faux fur jacket and leather pants. Push the fashion boundaries! 

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Wearable Shorts

I’ve featured this outfit here before, but it’s so good so it definitely deserves a feature again. Working boots with shorts is not always the easiest, but this outfit shows that it can definitely work. The secret behind this is that the shorts and the boots are matching. This makes a nice transition between the shorts and the boots with the yellow color in common. You also avoid “cutting off” the legs when matching shorts and boots, which can happen when you work shorter lengths with boots. I’m also crushing big time on the puff blouse and the oversized belt. The styling is perhaps not the cleanest one, but it sort of works with the gold part matching with the yellow shorts/boots. 

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Maxi Denim

I don’t know about you but I consider the maxi denim skirt to be one of the most difficult clothing pieces to style. Perhpas not when it’s fitted, but definitely when it’s done A-line. The retro vibe and the associations to the 1970s are insanely strong, and it’s difficult to make it work without looking like a hippie. Nothing wrong with looking like a hippie, but it’s nice to push clothing pieces outside their boundaries. Anyway, there’s still a strong 70s vibe to this outfit, but it looks more contemporary. The minimalist brown jacket balances the denim skirt in a favourable way. I also love how the yellow shirt is matching the jacket. The patterned bag is also a nice twist, with the orange parts complementing the jacket well. 

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Simple Florals

So the three outfits that have been mentioned so far in this article are a bit statement, or challenging to recreate. That’s why this outfit might be one of the best in this article as it’s as basic as it gets. Sometimes, you got to let the clothing piece speak for itself. This maxi floral is well styled with the matching black bag and the beige colored shoes. As the dress is quite “heavy” with the black color and the length, it’s great that the shoes are matching the skin tone. This “lifts” the dress and makes it more light. If you own a maxi floral dress for fall, let it do the job and just add a few basic accessories. 

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Effortlessly Chic

The last outfit is actually two outfits! Just a tiny bonus to celebrate fall. The outfit to the left is so chic with the layering of the dress. Gorgeous and functional to work a turtleneck under. It works really well as the turtleneck is matching the pattern of the dress. Also love the choice of shoes here. Works the same way as the outfit above, the beige colored shoes lifts the dress and makes it less heavy. As for the outfit to the right, love the monochromatic mood. If you have clothes and accessories in the same colors, or same color but different hues, you got to try this outfit. So chic to even include the sunglasses in the monochromatic style. Also love that the person is not wearing any jeans, but a winter jacket. Way to go when you want to balance different seasons! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on these street style September 2020 outfits? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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  1. I am totally here for simple fall florals. But I also kind of love the maxi denim idea too! My favorite though is the turtleneck layered under the dress, I love that!

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