Street Style March 2021

Folks! It’s time for some street style inspiration for March 2021. Just a bunch of stylish outfits to try for the transitional period. As always, these are to be inspired by, and if you want to recreate them; work with what you already got!

Street Style March 2021

Pastel Dream

The 90s pastels are everywhere atm. Often done as slip dresses, blazers, bags and shoes; everything this outfit has! Pairing all these trendy elements together surely becomes a trendy outfit, and a colorful one too. What I like about this outfit is that it’s wearable, although it’s full of colors. Pastels, when paired together, have the ability to become more wearable and easy to style. Perfect way to work colors without having to go for beige, white or grey too! 

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Mixing Styles

How gorgeous isn’t this yellow dress? Love how the color is intensified with the orange bag and the gold earrings. Such a colorful, summer, vibe! I think the black boots kind of works with the outfit, although the contrast is pretty distinct. Overall, the idea of going for colorful dresses with statement boots is a stylish one for spring. 

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Classic Blazer

The blazer is definitely a wardrobe staple this spring, or this year! One way to work the blazer is to style it as done in the outfit below, with a statement collar. Really fashionable to work it with a pair of black boots. Love it with the black leather pants and the matching bag. Way to go if you want to work the black/white vibe this spring. 

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Modern 80s

How about some 80s love? This colorful, vibrant, decade is definitely still in the spotlight. This lovely polka dot dress is simply gorgeous with the statement sleeves and the highlighted waist! I like that the styling is kept simple with the white shoes and the blue bag that’s matching. When working a big statement piece, like the dress, it’s often a good idea to keep the styling neutral and let the statement be in focus. Matching the shoes with the color of the dress is a good start!

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Casual Chic

I think I’ve featured this outfit here before, but we got to talk about this again. Such a perfect spring outfit with the mix of the jeans, the cardigan, the white t-shirt and the matching shoes. I love this way of making both jeans and cardigans more wearable, by keeping it cohesive and preppy (with the heels). The earrings and the matching bag are also contributing to that more glam, wearable, vibe. If you have a pair of flared jeans, try it with your colorful cardigan and some kitten heels the next time! Xx

Folks! Do you have a favorite one of these outfits? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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10 thoughts on “Street Style March 2021

    1. So true!! It’s actually quite the easy decade to make more wearable; at least easier than you think! Xx

  1. Hey Mia, I hope you’re having a fantastic end of the month!

    I am here for many of these trends, but of course mixing all of them in one combo is actually a really good proposal haha. But being honest I’d go for the classic blazer (I have a few and one in a colorful pastel pink) and pastels, I’ve been obsessed with pastels in the recent months. Now I am excited for taking inspiration from the 80s, such an amazing era right? Probably one of my favorite decades due to all the pop culture! I would love to have a blazer with big shoulderpads!

    All the best and thanks as usual for your support 🙂

    1. Same to you Pablo! Hahah well, the 80s fashion is quite entertaining indeed. I love how wearable it’s become the past seasons. I’m all here for a bright, popping, fashion life! Xx

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