Street Style March 2020 – Fashion Week Edition Part 2

Last week I published this article about the street style fashion from the fashion weeks and a part 2 is totally in place! I mean, as much as I love the runway fashion, that artsy, eclectic life of the streets is superior. Here’s a part 2: 

Brown Handbag Yellow Dress Fashion Week 2020
Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Street Style March 2020

Pink Vibes

Okey folks, this is how to work the colorful style winter 2020: a dress in the same color as your coat. It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s definitely worth trying if you’re owning a colorful coat. The effect is quite striking with a popping color. I love the difference in material too, with the silky dress and the wool coat. This outfit is perfected with the neat hairdo and the oversized sunglasses. A combination I’ll never grow tired of!

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Patent Leather

Who said that patent leather was out? Because according to the runway fashion, it’s going to be an it-item for fall. Saint Laurent Fall 2020 was all about the patent leather leggings and this outfit definitely shows how the statement material can be done in a wearable way. I love the 80s vibe of the sweater and how the knitted style makes the patent leather look pop. It’s a really stylish detail too that that sweater is tucked into the leggings. I would probably have chosen another bag to go with the outfit, perhaps a red or blue one to reconnect with the sweater. 

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Office Chic

Matching jacket/blazer and shorts will probably be one of the biggest trends spring 2020! It’s a natural step and combination of pantsuits, blazers and the 1980s fashion. I’d say that the shorts in specific are major for the spring season, especially when done high-waisted and ending right above the knee. What I like about this look, except the monochromatic brown, is that white top. It breaks off the white style perfectly with the creamy shade. The gold necklace, the sunglasses and the bags are great for framing the look. 

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Leo Denim

So both of these looks shows how well leopard goes with denim. I love the all denim look for spring and pairing it with leopard is definitely one way to make it more interesting. It might be a bit of an 80s vibe, but when done as in the outfit to the left, it’s really wearable. The fitted black top is neutral and leopard is a neutral pattern. A pair of sneakers also help “normalize” the leather pattern. The outfit to the right has a nice 80s vibe going one, but is kept quite attainable through the black sunglasses, belt and white bag. 

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Floral Love

If you’re owning a patterned clothing piece you don’t know how to work – this outfit is a great source of inspiration. See how the boots, the bag and the top are all reflecting the colors used for the pattern? Yup, that’s the way to go if you want to make a pattern more wearable. Pick up the colors in the pattern and match it with other clothes and accessories in your wardrobe. Pretty with some purple and pink for spring too, gorgeous with brighter colors to reflect a more happy, warm mood! 

Folks! Do you have any favorite from these street style March 2020 looks? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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16 thoughts on “Street Style March 2020 – Fashion Week Edition Part 2

  1. Aaaaaah, I need to confess that street style is my favorite part from FW, I tend to follow a lot of photographers showing how guests put down to earth all the trends proposed by the designers (well most of the times they wear high luxury brands, but it so inspiring).

    Personally I feel that Paris is the city where all the attendants go crazy… and well also Milan, but if you want the extra looks take a look at Paris :D!

    1. Oh yessss, there’s definitely something extra happening in Paris when it comes to the street style fashion each fashion week! Just love the over-the-top wearability. Perhaps an oxymoron but oh so true! Xx

  2. Ooh that floral look! It is so pretty–I love those colors. And YES to leopard + denim–a favorite combination for sure.

    1. I love it too! So cute with the mix of colors and pattern. And yes, love the leo style! Xx

  3. Great inspiration — I have a couple pairs of patent leather loafers that I love. It’s definitely making a comeback. x Have a lovely week, darling.

    1. That’s great! Such a great way of making a statement without going too crazy! Xx

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