Street Style Inspiration Fashion Weeks February 2019 – Part 1

Folks! I love street style, you love street style – what’s better than a first part summary of some stylish street style looks so far from NYFW and LFW? I agree that not all looks on the runway are that easy to “translate” from inspiration to an actual outfit (although NYFW showed some pretty wearable collections), which is why the street style during the fashion weeks sometimes can be even more interesting than the actual shows. So here’s some stylish street style inspiration from the fashion weeks february 2019 and why I believe the looks are good. I’ll do an article later from MFW and PFW too, of course!

Fashion Weeks February 2019

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Fashion Weeks February 2019

Classic Denim

Let’s start with a classic denim look. This version of the Canadian tuxedo is simple to recreate as both jeans and a denim shirt is pretty basic. A camel coat is also a wardrobe staple that works really well with the denim look. I like how the bag matches the coat, similar to what I talked about in this article last week. The scarf also adds a nice touch to the outfit, with the loose style enhancing the vibe of the all denim. This outfit is great for the transitional period as monochromatic denim is a given choice for spring but still quite warm!

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Trendy Layering

This outfit is so trendy in so many ways. The bag belt, the white boots, the turtleneck, the plaid coat, the transparent sunnies and the pleated skirt! What makes this look even more trendy is the way of layering. Pairing your pleated midi skirt with a knee-long coat is popular to these days. And quite rightfully so if you ask me, it adds some structure to the longer clothes in the outfit which is often needed. The bag belt helps to structure the silhouette which in this case is pretty favorable. A trick that helps this outfit is the focus on neutral colors and more or less keep them in the same color scale. It pulls the pieces together.

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Yellow Spring

Gosh people, isn’t yellow such a pretty color?! It just radiates happiness. I love this monochromatic yellow look. The skirt and the top looks quite functional and sporty which is contrasted by the petite shoes and bag. Also love the blue color of the bag that pops in relation to the yellow outfit. Also, the pointy sunnies are working well with the rest of the accessories as it creates a more ladylike look, which is a style that also contrasts the more functional one of the clothes. Folks! Pick yellow this spring, it’s sooo good.

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Animal Mix

What’s a street style article if I don’t include at least one print mix? I like this animal one as it’s both trendy and quite easy to recreate. I love the sporty vibe over this outfit too! The white boots and the beanie are a chic match with the skirt and defined top. Love the print mix of the giraffe pattern and the skirt; the black color in the prints ties them together. If you have two separate clothing pieces in different prints, why not try and pair them together? If it’s a match you don’t have to fuss too much about the styling whereas if it’s a clash – just add some elements that works with both of the clothing pieces and you have a smooth “transition”.

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Sweet Mint Green

Do you know what your pantsuit set needs this spring? A matchy print to go with it. Love how the suit is “packed” with the colorful jacket that frames both the color and the structure in such a nice way. I think the bag works quite okey too, brown is a pretty good choice for mint green as it gives the color more depth. The shoes and the sunnies also picks up the brown shade which gives the outfit a pretty finished look. I spot the orange gloves too and I think they’re chic with the mint green look too. Perhaps a color combination to try this spring?!

Folks! Which one of these looks from the fashion weeks february 2019 is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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