Street Style Inspiration – Fashion Week 2022

Folks! What’s a better way of getting a good dose of fashion inspo, than have a look at some stylish fashion week look? I decided to highlight outfits that are pretty wearable, as those are the ones with the biggest dose of inspiration. Here are some street style looks! 

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Street Style Fashion Week 2022

Bold Colors

I absolutely adore intense color matches and this one is no exception. I think it’s pretty easy to recreate at home too! Just take two colors you have a lot of, and that matches quite okey, and build the outfit. Love how energizing it is to wear popping colors for fall too. Give this a try asap! 

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Casual Leather

If you want to embrace the 1980s, you have to try this outfit. Just the simplicity of a chunky leather jacket and some loose jeans. I think what makes this outfit extra, are the pointy shoes! They add a glam, together with the sunglasses, a nice glam to the outfit. 

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Monochromatic Green

If you want to work a really simple outfit, go for a fully monochromatic look. Of course this works in black, white or beige, but I dare you to go for another shade. This green look is very pleasant, but would also be fun in a navy blue or why not a full red? Go for your favorite color! 

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Matching Orange

Is there even fashion week if Olivia Palermo is not there? Well, I love the simplicity of this look and how she highlights the gorgeous jacket with a matching top. I think this outfit shows how chic it is go for a matching top and jacket combination. It looks clean, it looks chic. 

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Trendy Pink

If you’ve kept an eye on fashion lately, I’m sure you also can spot that this is a Valentino look. Valentino has had a lot of fun with this intense hot pink the last months, and there’s a reason where it’s everywhere. Maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s quite refreshing for a more neutral fall fashion.

Folks! Do you have a favorite of these looks? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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