Street Style Fashion Weeks February 2019 – Part 2

Folks! How about part 2 of the street style fashion from the fashion weeks February 2019? Well, I know that I at least need some inspiration for this weekend and what’s a better source to turn to than the streets of the fashion weeks? What I love about the street style of the fashion weeks is that it’s usually one level up from the daily fashion. A bit more colorful, detailed and maximized. Here are five really stylish looks and why I enjoy them! And oh, see part 1 here.

Photo by Emile Guillemot on Unsplash

Street Style Fashion Weeks

Timeless Edge

So in my review of Rochas Fall 2019 I talked a lot about what it means to take timeless clothing pieces and make them more modern. This street style outfit is a terrific example of this. The black skirt and the classic beret are in leather materials which gives the outfit some edge. The white blouse has a good statement with the voluminous sleeves and collar. The snake print adds a good contrast to the monotone clothing pieces, also making the look a bit more trendy and contemporary. I believe this outfit is pretty easy to recreate as it’s basic, but done more interesting through the edgy materials and twists.

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Yellow Check Pattern

Now this level is undoubtedly “fashion advanced” as even the boots are in the same style as the clothes. Incredibly stylish to go full monochromatic top to toe. Perhaps not that realistic or wearable in the long run, but at least the idea can be embraced. Take your leather boots and pair them with a leather dress or skirt + jacket and you have a pretty cohesive outfit. But back to this one – love the bag’s color with the yellow. A bit retro and a fun twist to the outfit!

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Classic Print Mix

Folks! Here’s how a print mix can be done. Simple, stylish and without too much styling fuss. Keep the prints in the same colors and theme (symmetric prints are the focus here) and let them contrast without a third element. The bag and the shoes are done in the same colors which makes the look more coherent. This outfit is definitely one I’ll try and recreate for spring! Read more about print mixing here.

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Casual Elegance

If you have a preppy dress and wants to make it more wearable for an informal event, just add a pair of sneakers! It’s seriously that simple. The sneakers will add a casual touch which will balance the elegant vibe of the dress. Love the monochromatic fashion in this look too. Quite crispy to go for white all the way, especially right in time for spring. Notice that the earrings are also white, quite detailed but a really good pop with the rest of the outfit. Read more about the fashion trends spring 2019 here.

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Orange Life

One of the biggest powers in fashion is the use of colors. How colors can be used to maximize an effect or one’s mood. One of my favorite colors to embrace is orange, it’s a really optimistic, energizing and loud color and one that’s suitable for spring. Even better, as in this outfit, to go for orange full on. The fringy skirt makes up for a good contrast with the more neutral sweater. Love the pointy red boots too. The black sunnies and the bag frames the outfit nicely, adding some sharp edges. I think this outfit shows how important it is to go for different textures when doing the monochromatic style.

Folks! Which one of these street style fashion looks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Have a lovely weekend! Xx

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26 thoughts on “Street Style Fashion Weeks February 2019 – Part 2

  1. I am in love with the house of Rochas ! Timeless beautiful always rendered in such an artistic way. I did enjoy seeing the color orange on the runway this season. Thank you for this wonderful summary.

  2. I always want to do the yellow check pattern! I am struggling to find good pieces for it though. Perhaps I should just hop in? Also, orange is so underrated and you’re right it’s SO optimistic. Maybe I’ll give some color a go this week! Happy Monday, Mia xx

    1. I think you should!! And start posting outfit pictures again Quinn!! You’re dropping so many stylish outfit ideas here, so I wanna see some action too 😉 Xx

    1. Oh that’s great!! Love your street style posts babe. Always a great sense of detail!! Xx

    1. Same here! Just posted an article on the neon colors and happy about getting them going! Xx

  3. Your outfit selection for timeless edge is SO gorgeous; The contrast between masculine and feminine is everything. I have a special place in my heart for ruffled blouses 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend babe! x

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