Street Style Fashion Week September 2020

So fashion week earlier this fall was quite different, as you all know by now. This means that there weren’t as many stylish outfits from the fashion week as normal, but also, if you ask me, that the outfits that we did saw weren’t as inspiring. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of stylish outfits, but many of them were all about the blazer, denim and boots life. I missed the tulle, the volume, the colors and the details. Anyway, I’ve picked out five stylish outfits from the fashion weeks

Street Style Fashion Week September 2020

Trendy Elements

Love the first look for how trendy it is. Such a fun and well-balanced way of combining different trendy elements. The cut-out sweater works well with the blazer. Love the patent leather pants, that are not fitted (as they’re often are), but semi-flared. The pointy boots are a nice contrast and matches the bag. I think the belt also plays a major part as it adds some structure to the outfit. 

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Modern 80s

The second outfit is also a trendy one that’s well executed. It’s always fun to match animal prints, and smart to do one main clothing piece and a highlighting accessory. I also love the idea of working a black and white pattern with pastels. It’s such a sweet and retro mix. Love how the pastel blue softens the outfit, which is balanced by the edgy patent leather boots. The fact that the boots have a high shaft makes them such a great statement. Love this modern 80s vibe! 

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Colorful Bohemian

Onto something completely different, we have this colorful bohemian look. The knitted maxi dress is gorgeous with the washed out colors. This dress would probably have passed by unnoticed if it weren’t for the statement jacket, that matches the dress so well. Also, the face mask is matching the dress in such a cute way. I love that the shoes are not black or white, but neutral in their way that they’re relating to the beige yellow hues in the dress. 

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Updated Classics

Okey, but how good isn’t this one? Love that it’s actually quite basic, but as all basic pieces are done in a more updated, edgy, version, the whole outfit is much more interesting. I love the long crispy white shirt and how it interacts with the cropped leather jacket. And instead of going for basic black jeans, which would make the outfit less interesting, it’s kept vibrant with the leathers pants. I love the transparent shoes too, although I think a pair of red boots could’ve been a fun match with the red bag. 

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Matching Set 

Love this gingham set! I mean first of all, so chic with the same pattern top to toe. Secondly, this outfit really shows how easy it is to work with sets. It barely requires any styling, and you’ll look effortlessly chic in the instant. It would’ve been fun to go with a colorful bag or shoes, such as mint blue or pink,  but the outfit works really as it is now! 

Folks! Do you have a favorite one from these street style fashion week september 2020? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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8 thoughts on “Street Style Fashion Week September 2020

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you had a very good week 🙂

    I love to see street fashion, I’d say it is my main source of inspiration to create outfits that could be fantastic but that could be used in the real life. I feel like I missed street style looks more than the runways in this strange season. I see that classic are always there but now they are coming in different materials and with other unexpected twist such as the cut of the fabrics, the colors and wearing them in different ways. Matching sets are always a YES for me, wish I could have a suit in a bright color to play with, still looking…

    Overall I like to see that people that attended to the show wore a mask, in a sense of taking care of all the people at this kind of events 🙂

    Best and I’m gonna share the other posts of the week!


    1. Me too! When things get back to normal, if they ever will, it’s going to be amazing to see the buzz of the streets again. Just colorful, energetic, fashion to make life a bit more interesting. And yes, great that people do what they can and respect the rules! Xx

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