Street Style Fashion May 2021

Folks! It’s time for another street style article. Just five or so stylish outfits to recreate or be inspired by this season. End of May and the beginning of June are often perfect for the transitional fashion, so now is definitely the time to mix patterns, materials and styles. You can find previous articles here

Street Style Fashion May 2021

Pink Dream

How cute isn’t this pink dress? I love the pattern, the ruffles and the details. Even better that the black embellishment of the dress is highlighted through the black shoes and matching bag. I think this shows how you can wear more preppy clothes with casual accessories. Simple as that! 

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Wearable 80s

Didn’t think you could wear jeans shorts with a blazer? Well, you definitely can! It might be a clash, but it’s still a wearable outfit. Love the subtle 80s vibe with the oversized blazer and the graphic tee. The black sunnies and shoes are superb, as they frame the outfit and also gives it an edge. 

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Color Blocking

I love the colors of this outfit! It’s such a clever way to wear more colors and also keep it wearable. I love the idea of going for 2-3 colors in an outfit, but breaking it off with something neutral (like the white t-shirt). I love how the shoes, the bag and the sunnies underlines the warm red/pink tones of the outfit. 

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Casual Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is probably the best go-to clothing piece there is! So easy to just throw it on and go on about your day. I love the idea of focusing on colorful accessories for a bouncy and statement look. As we all know by now, beige is a lovely match with anything neon!

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Smart Accessories

A common question is wheter or not accessories have to be matching, and well, not always! This outfit is an excellent example of this as there are three different accessories (sunnies, shoes and bag) done in three different colors (white, black and green). But what makes this work is that all colors are reflected in the dress, so it’s still a rather cohesive outfit. Way to go if you don’t want to think too much about accessories, but rather focus on the dress!

Folks! Which one of these outfits of the street style May 2021 is your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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2 thoughts on “Street Style Fashion May 2021

  1. Hello Mia and happy Friday!

    I am so happy to see Street Style once again after all the craziness related to lockdowns! I feel that streets are my source of inspiration, more than magazines or runway since it feels more real and achievable in comparisson to other fashion media.

    I adored the color blocking look (totally my style) and the one with the casual jumpsuit. Wearable 80s is so cool since we can make this look but getting some vintage items at thrift stores or markets!

    Happy weekend!

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