Street Style Fashion May 2020

I like the idea of doing a monthly article on street style fashion. Not because the looks I’ve chosen to highlight are the latest, but because they’re inspiring in general and suits the current season. Have a look at previous months here: February, March and April. Here’s some street style fashion May 2020:

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Street Style Fashion May 2020

Layering Denim

For chilly days in May, layering your outfit is a terrific idea! What I like about the outfit below is the focus on denim. Really chic to choose one material and center your outfit around it. I love how the white turtleneck is contrasting the chunky pants. The light blue coat frames the outfit and the blue hues in a chic way. Love the chunky black boots that adds an edgy touch. 

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Floral Dress

A go-to outfit this spring is definitely the combination of a preppy dress and some fierce boots. The outfit below is one chic example of this! I love the pink color, the floral pattern and the 80s sleeves. The black, fitted, boots are an unexpected match. They intensify the effect of the pink with the harsh contrast, but also balances the preppiness in the dress. This look would’ve been fun with a pair of sneakers too, just because it shouldn’t work! 

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Green Boots

Speaking of boots though, how about these green wellingtons? Love how they match the main dress. Chic to layer with a beige oversized blazer and a pop of color with the yellow bag. I’d probably go for an orange bag instead or a green one but in a statement material, but the yellow bag is not too bad. Anyways, what I wanted to highlight was the idea of working a dress with high boots. Perhaps not that comfortable to walk around in wellingtons all day, but practical if it’s rainy! If you have a pair of high black boots however, try and pair them with your LBD!

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Wearable Layers

Another stylish layered look is this one. Love the unexpected match of brown/beige/pink. If you look at the cuffs of the pink jacket, you’ll see how nice it reconnects with the shorts too.  I love how the shorts feels more wearable and less “naked” with the layered tops. I think the white turtleneck is a nice color contrast and it also balance the loose fit of the shirt and the jacket. What to try from this outfit is definitely the pink and brown combination. 

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Casual Suit

Fitted suits tends to be quite preppy, whilst loose suits definitely embodies a more “casual chic” look. I love the loose fit of the suit below. Fun to go for a dark green color and brighten it up with a yellow bag. I think the way the shoes are twisted around the legs is quite a good idea, but perhaps not that easy to recreate. I think the sunglasses are adding a nice structure to the loose suit and also intensifies the timelessness. Because after all, a monochromatic suit is one to rely on through the years! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on this street style fashion May 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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20 thoughts on “Street Style Fashion May 2020

  1. Street style is one of my favorite things to consume, specially nowadays we’re I’m not able to see a lot of inspiration on the street (despite interesting face masks designs haha). I love how some of these ideas can be replicated by me with things I already have, like the photo of the girl with an OOTD in layers, pretty interesting and usable even in hot weather!

    1. Haha, well yes, it’s definitely interesting with the face masks designs! Hope you’ll be able to wear the OOTD soon! Xx

  2. Fantastic looks! I’m in love with the floral dress, so beautiful 🙂

    xoxo ❤
    Melania |

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