Street Style Fashion April 2021

So April and May might be two of the best fashion months of the year, just because the transitional fashion is so entertaining. The mix of knitwear, floral dresses, pastels and leather is just superb. It’s also quite easy with the styling this period, as you can choose more freely from both winter clothes and summer clothes. Anyway, here’s an article to serve us with some outfit inspiration! 

Fashion April 2021

Maxi Pattern

First out is this gorgeous midi dress! Absolutely love the statement pattern and use of colors. What I also love is the clever styling. Such a wearable way of working a statement pattern and also lime green details. This duo works because the dress has some lime green elements in it, which creates a more cohesive look. The faded pink sunglasses adds some neutrality to the lime green, and avoids a “matchy matchy” impression. If you have some colorful accessories, match it with your patterned dress next time! 

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Retro Denim

Okey but how chic isn’t this 70s denim jumpsuit? I love how flattering it is and how it fits the body perfectly. Great idea to enhance the waist with the matching belt. I think the choice of shoes is a stylish one, as the boots embraces the 70s vibe too. I would definitely have chosen another bag to go with the jumpsuit, perhaps one matching the shoes or something in a blue hue. Nevertheless though, time to bring out our jumpsuits! 

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Wearable White

I love how industrial and sporty this look is! If you own a white dress, it’s a great idea to pair it with a colorful belt for a more dynamic effect. Extra points too if it’s a statement belt of some sort. The shoes are also a gem, as they have the same sporty style as the belt! Also like the semi-transparent black socks – such a simple way of making socks a statement; but keeping them wearable. 

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Statement Boots

This outfit is such a gem on so many levels. First of all, it shows how loungewear can be made more wearable. Thanks to the layered necklaces, the trench and the snake boots it appears more formal and preppy. I love that the loungewear reconnects with the color of the bag. Also the fact that the trench and the snake boots are matching, creates a more cohesive outfit. Another great pearl is that the trench frames the body by being longer than the loungewear. Such a sassy but fun way of working layers. 

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Print Mix

Mixing prints is always a good idea! One of the easiest ways to do it, is to choose two prints in a similar color and let them do their thing. Even better if the prints, as in this case, have more than one color in common (purple and black). If you can, you should keep the rest of the outfit pretty neutral. But you can also of course go for a color that matches the dominant color(s) of the prints. The lime green is a playful match with purple!

Folks! Which one of these outfits are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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    1. Hahah so true! The 70s fashion definitely had a good vibe to it. So good to work it with the heels too! Xx

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