Street Style Fashion 2019

One of my favorite things from the fashion weeks is the street style looks. While designers are often limited to creating looks that are gonna sell and staying true to the brand’s aesthetic profile, the fashion people are free to be creative with their outfits. And when’s a better occasion to show some skills than during the fashion weeks? Here are some of my favorite looks from the fashion weeks and why I like them: 

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Street Style Fashion 2019

Voluminous Sleeves

Gosh, this dress looks so artsy – doesn’t it? I love the trend factor in this outfit. The silhouette, the pattern, the sleeves and the lengths are all trendy and the dress has the luxe refinement to it. I also love the styling of the golden earrings and the matching bag and shoes. When you wear a dress like this, you definitely should let it have the spotlight. The minimal makeup is also superb and feels in tune with the look of the dress. Random thought perhaps, but I think this dress would also do great with some mint green in the styling! 

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Pink Life

There’s something really comforting with pink. The color always add a nice, fun, vibe to any outfit. It’s especially nice to wear pink when it’s cold and dark outside, as it’s such a happy color. I love this monochromatic look and how cozy the pink sweater looks. The white accessories are great to the outfit, love the crispness they add. Such a great choice of hairdo too. It centers the attention to the sunglasses and the turtleneck! 

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Updated Classics

Well, leave it to Olivia Palermo to be classic, trendy and timeless at the same time. This outfit is quite simple as it is, but as all the elements are done slightly exaggerated or in a different material – the outfit becomes interesting. I’m having a major crush on the skirt in patent leather. It’s an intense contrast to the crispy white top. And speaking about the top, have you ever seen a more crispy white? The “color” is such a statement with the defined neckline and the long sleeves – absolutely love it. The idea of doing a pair of high boots instead of tights is great too, it enhances the it-factor of the outfit! 

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Crazy Prints

One thing I really like about mixing prints is that the rest of the outfit barely requires any styling as the print mix is “loud” enough to be interesting. And so is the case for this outfit. I love the trendy 1980s’ zebra sweater and how it intensifies the red pants. The idea of having red in two of the prints makes the outfit more cohesive. Love the matching shoes and the simple bag, that centers the attention to the print mix. 

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Layered Blue

Fall is definitely the season for layering and what’s a more interesting way to do it than to layer your blazer with a cardigan? Love how the blazer is framed with the casual, informal, cardigan. Such a great color match and contrast of the textures too. Love the beige bag and boots that are complementing the blue perfectly. Doing high boots with a blazer is a trendy move this fall. You can make the look more wearable by adding a dress under the blazer! Perhaps in the same color as the blazer? 

Folks! Do you have a favorite from this article on the street style fashion 2019 from the fashion weeks? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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16 thoughts on “Street Style Fashion 2019

  1. Crazy prints are amazing. I’ve actually never heard of them but they look gorgeous. Definitely gonna try this one day. ^^

  2. I love seeing street style looks from fashion weeks, too. Olivia Palermo’s white top is gorgeous! Such a fun take on a regular, classic piece.

    Kathryn •

    1. Same here! Such a good dose of inspiration. Her top is a great one indeed, love the simple design! Xx

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