How To Stay Festive January 2018

I know that we just left the holidays behind and in a way it feels nice to get back to routines and our daily lives. But (always a but!) one thing I don’t think we should leave in festive season is that extra sparkle. I mean, the entire December is about choosing glitter over normal, sequins over knitwear and add red, gold, silver or green wherever we go. That extra sparkle of fashion, beauty life, mood – whatever – is much needed for our daily lives too. Especially when talking January, the start of a new year and back to business after some days off. With that ramble, here’s how to stay festive January 2018:

How To Stay Festive January 2018 | The Fashion Folks

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Festive January 2018

Add a Pop of Sparkle

Okey fine this might be the easiest trick of them all and surely one that many of us perhaps are already doing? But the shiny fabrics or the metallics are ultimate for the dark winter days as they add some light, though it’s quite subtle. Adding a pop of sparkle is about choosing a metallic or sparkling nail polish, wear your sequin top or your glitter socks. It will contrast the “ordinary” outfit in a way that ought to make you stay festive January 2018!

Colorful Lips

I wrote about the lip statement in the article about the beauty resolutions 2018 and here’s another reminder. Colorful lips, or just the good ol’ statement lips, are favorable to go for as they make any day feel more festive. Literally adds some life to your face by some color or draws attention by the statement. The matte lips have been trendy for quite some time, but perhaps the shiny lipsticks feels even more festive? A red is always classic whilst a dark purple works well with the winter mood. Whatever you choose, be sure to go for the statement!

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Statement Material

I talked about my love for statement materials before Christmas in this article. It’s just something dramatic and good with a material that adds the extra touch. Compare working an “ordinary” coat with a jacket with faux fur, faux feathers or sequins? Quite the difference where the latter adds a more festive feeling as the materials are not, usually, a part of people’s “everyday wardrobes”. That’s why it’s fun and unexpected to choose a material that’s challenging rather than anonymous. Go for a statement jacket, a scarf, a top or why not a bag in a fierce material? It will surely change how your outfit looks!

Go For the Highighlighter

It’s quite common to read articles about a summer glow, but not that many are gushing about glowing winter skin – at least what I know of! That’s why an extra layer of glow for the makeup look is only helpful, right? A simple highlighter will definitely do the work for you or some coconut oil. A gorgeous glow is a subtle way of going more festive in January. You can easily go even more festive by going for a highlighter in a metallic style, as gold or rose. I’d say that this step is the easiest one for keeping the joyful vibe alive during the cold winter days.

Folks! How do you stay festive January 2018? Do you keep the cozy life from the holidays or are you back in the everyday looks? Let’s chat in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “How To Stay Festive January 2018

  1. I think we all get a little depressed after the holidays so I love this idea of keeping some festive vibes during Jan!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  2. It’s cold out so I am keeping chic but cosy days until probably February, haha. I wore a poufy faux fur jacket today and a ridiculously warm vintage fur coat over the holidays. I love it! You have great ideas here. Happy New Year to you, darling! x/Madison

    1. Hahah I’m struggling with it too lol, staying cozy or chic or trying to achieve both? Lol! Happy New Year Madison! Xx

  3. This is a great reminder that feeling festive can go beyond just the holidays! I love the idea of starting the new year off with some extra sparkle and bold touches. Happy 2018!!

  4. I love all of these tips, all of which are inspiring me to continue to keep the shine going throughout the winter season. All of what you’ve mentioned actually makes perfect sense when you think of it. Since winter is so cold and dreary, adding metallics and fun accents that shimmer kind of create an icy vibrant vibe that’s perfect for the season. Thanks for sharing, sweets, and I hope you’re having the absolute best day so far!



    1. I love that way to describe it though! Icy vibrant vibe, hahah that’s perfection and so true of what the metallics are about! Xx

    1. Same here though, we all need more colors. Same to you gorgeous, happy to call you my blog friend! Xx

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