Spring Trends – Street Style Edition 2017

Folks! I’ve been mainly talking about the upcoming fall trends these past weeks, but the fact of the matter is that the spring trends are what’s current (no shit Sherlock). I did the report for the spring trends back in October (this post), but here’s the street style version of it. How you can pull off the look yourself and what to think about. When it gets down to it, street style is often more relatable than runway outfits! So, here are the spring trends 2017 – street style edition 2017. And oh, expect the looks I’m talking about, I included some other related outfits for inspiration in the slideshows!

Stripes for life

Stripes are always trending and in different versions of it. This one below is a great example of going for the stripes but still keeping it subtle. The navy and grey combo is something different than the regular b/w and feels stylish and fashionable. To enhance the stripes, a jacket in the same shade is genius option. Style tip to remember? Go for choice of stripes and pair it with a same colored duo. Break it off with a third piece or an accessory in another color.

Flowers for spring

There’s nothing new to say about flowers for spring, really. But try to find different versions of styling them, versions that keeps things interesting and fresh. The outfit below is a lovely demonstration of how florals can be kept more lowkey. It doesn’t always have to be a statement but works lovely as a neutral piece with a small print and subtle colors. To keep the color scale light, pair it with a same colored jacket. And as done in the outfit, break it off with some edgy touches of black and leather.

1980s Style

I’m not the only one cringing in relation to this style, but the 1980s are trending and trending big time. So I’ve been searching for modern 1980s looks that I think would be possible to embrace and I do have to say that I’m loving the power shoulders more and more. Or at least I love the yellow blazer jacker below, lol. It’s chic to go full black monochrome and break it off with a popping color. Even better to keep the silhouette narrow and let the blazer be in focus. And the latter is the style trick to remember in this one folks, if you’re going for the 1980s silhouette: keep the rest of the silhouette narrow.

Pink & Yellow

I’m going pink on this one (see inspo for yellow above), but how chic isn’t the pink overall? I love the winter version of it (layered with a turtleneck) and it’s only as classic as Chanel ever can be. Pink is an even easier color for spring as it blends in with the light spring clothes and fabrics. I don’t need to give you specific styling advices on pink more than: pink is power and a better way of life. And apparently I want to go bankrupt with that pink Chanel (whooopps).

Tees with texts

Tees with texts are a matter of trend and more and more frequent among fashion bloggers. I love this modern version of it that feels fresh, trendy and mature. As seen below, instead of having the tee in focus, it’s kept as a subtle detail. The color scale of the tee’s print is reflected in the denim and details, which gives a more coherent impression. Style tip? Focus on the colors and style of the tee and build your outfit around it. If pastels are in focus, enhance the colors with pastel clothes. 

Folks! What spring trend will you be working from this street style edition 2017? Drop a comment and have a lovely week! Xx

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50 thoughts on “Spring Trends – Street Style Edition 2017

  1. I love that Coco Cuba tee by Chanel. I loved it so much I have to get 2 haha!

    That look you posted for 1980’s is so beautiful! No need to cringe at all. It is an amazing statement and modernised with the styling

    Adrianna xx

  2. I am really looking forward to purchasing more stripes for this coming spring season. I think I have one of two striped pieces but they’re pinstripes so I feel like they don’t really count lol. Florals is definitely a must too! Loving the fact that graphic tees can be styled up or down depending on what bottoms you pair them with!

    Rina Samantha

  3. I always love your fashion recaps! I kept flipping through your photos. I love pinks. I know yellows are hot, but I just don’t wear much of it. I might pick up one or two pieces this Spring. It would be refreshing for the wardrobe. Florals ae my favourite every year though. I never get enough of pretty floral prints.


  4. I love these street style looks showcasing this seasons hottest trends, pink is definitely on top! Never have I seen the color trend so much and I, of course, am loving it, haha! I love the floral printed outfit and your advice for not always having to feel as though your floral piece has to be the main focal point, it can be done in a more subdued way, making it more subtle and less playful. Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful babe, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



  5. I can’t even pick a favorite! The colorful stripes are fabulous and I am all about pink right now! These are such great street style looks for spring!

  6. Perfect overview babe ♥

    I think I would try all of these trends – but my favorite is the pink & yellow one and the printed Tees 🙂

    Have a great start into the new week & hope you have as much sun as we have here in Berlin right now ♥



    1. Hahah lovely that you enjoyed the reminder babe! More florals for spring indeed! Xx

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