Spring Trends 2021

I feel like there are A LOT of interesting trends right now! The current fashion is a mix of the 90s minimalism and the 80s colorful pastel life. Many of these trends have been popular for at least a few seasons now, so I’ve pretty much covered them all. To make it easier for you though, here are a compilation of the articles again. And don’t mind if it says 2020 or 2019, these items are trendier than ever. So, let’s get as much spring trends 2021 inspo as we can!!

Spring 2021

Folks! Do you have a favorite trend this spring? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

6 thoughts on “Spring Trends 2021

    1. I’m glad you like them! That’s great, it’s so much easier to get dressed right now! Xx

  1. Hello Mia and happy Friday!

    Thanks for doing a recap for us! I think I have checked almost all the trends in the recent weeks and I have to admit I feel inspired to try new combinations, colors, textures and materials.

    I loved the recent blog post about stripes since I feel those looks are something that I can create with things I already own 🙂

    Happy weekend and excited for the upcoming blog posts as usual!


    1. That’s great! And yeah, the stripes are always such a good idea. So wearable! Xx

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