Spring Fashion A-Z Ideas 2017

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one going through the whole alphabet quickly in my mind when I try to figure out the order of some letters (cause that happens you know). So why not go full on repetition for the alphabet as well as chatting about some spring fashion (C what I did there? #sorrynotsorry)? Here’s Spring Fashion A-Z Ideas 2017: (and folks, use the slideshows for more inspiration!)

Spring Fashion A-Z Ideas 2017 + Spring Trends 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Fashion A-Z Ideas 2017

A – Adapt your style after the spring colors. Go for pastels and popping shades such as pink, baby blue, sun yellow etc. It will definitely brighten up the mood. Try white or light grey if you’re an all black outfit person at heart.

B – Bandanas going for the neck or hair is a chic detail for spring. I also say, level up and go for a refined scarf in a fun color or print. Mixing and matching at its best.

C – Culottes might not have the same it-factor this year but no one cares. They’re still stylish, wearable and a perfect item for the transition period that spring is.

D – Denim is one of the most beloved fabrics for spring, and with all right. Go for a chic denim jacket, a statement pair of jeans or a classic denim skirt. And oh, denim on denim is a thing.

E – Eco fashion for spring gets more and more popular. See if your favorite brand does a special eco line this year. Sustainable life and fashion at its best!

F – Flower power is real folks and it’s kind of mandatory to work the floral prints for spring. Try to go subtle, go for floral accessories or try a new print of flowers if you want to keep it interesting.

G – Glasses as in sunglasses are ofc a spring must. Classic, statement or subtle is your choice. But do remember that sunnies have the power to take an outfit to another level, so ofc you should head statement if you ask me. 

H – Heels are often not only stylish (and painful) but an extra help this year when working the wide pants, the midi skirts or statement jeans. They’ll add some height to the outfit which will balance out the “heavy” fabric.

I – Instagram is inevitably a great source for fashion inspiration. But be sure to think outside the box (app) and also find the unique style icons. Insta has a tendency to go a bit homogenous. Dare to dress after your own wish to express yourself through the creativity and individuality fashion comes with.

J – Jeans are also major for spring. Go for distressed jeans, jeans with an uneven hem or mom jeans if you want to be extra trendy.

K – Klein blue is a color if often comes back to and there are several reasons behind. But for spring though, the rich shade is perfect to highlight, contrast and intensify other colors of spring; as pastels and popping ones (hot pink, orange etc). Go bold, go for it!

L – Leather as in leather skirts are a chic contrast to all the preppy vibes and pretty colors spring comes with. You can also show some skin and let your legs see the sun again etc etc.

M – Monochromatic outfits. No. Need. To. Say. Anything. More. (just read this)

N – Nautical fashion is a fashion classic that’s always a bit extra popular each spring. Go for the navy blue, the stripes, the trench and the white pants. Better being safe than sorry!

O – Ornament or perhaps embroidery is still trending and trending high. Embroidery for your jeans, blouse or jacket? Yes please.

P – Prints in general are also popular (and easy) to do for spring. Don’t forget the colorful stripes or animal prints. Way to go when adding life to the outfit!

Q – Quiet is the last thing fashion is these days. T-shirts with texts of statement or prints are also popular for spring. Read the post here.

R – Ruffles (full post here) are another way of adding life and movement to any outfit. Go for the blouse, skirt, shoes or more subtle as in hem. Match the preppy vibes with contrasting fabrics such as fake leather, vinyl or fake suede.

S – Shoes for spring this year are the mules, sporty sneakers, shoes with a ruffle detail or OTK boots. Trendy but also stylish as fudge.

T – Trench coats never gets as much love as they do every spring. Embrace the nautical vibes or go classic in beige. Try a colorful one to keep it popping!

U – Underneath your clothes is not the corset or crop top. Nope, they’re placed on the clothes this year. As corset top over your tee or a crop top over your shirt. Trend alert here.

V – Vinyl is one of the biggest spring trends 2017. Go for vinyl skirt or pants and contrast it with the nautical style or pretty blouses of statement.

W – Waists and hips should be marked with a belt this spring. Perhaps not the Gucci belt everyone is rocking, but a belt with a fun and stylish statement. Add a belt to your jeans, enhance the silhouette of your dress or go for the belt with a skirt.

X – Xtra (lol, made it easy for me) stylish will you surely be if you add a chic bag to your outfit. Go for a colorful one or one in a fun shape and size. Bags are a perfect way to add stylish details and elevate your outfit. 

Y – Yoga fashion or activewear in general have definitely grown in popularity the past years. For spring, dare to go for the colorful clothes in fun prints. It’s an extra dose of energy, inevitably.

Z – Zebra stripes (what else) are perhaps making a comeback. They’ve been popping up here and there as a part of the revival of the 1980s fashion. So you might want to take my word for it and be a step ahead? (just saying).

Folks! Drop a letter of your choice and what you’ll embrace from the spring fashion A-Z ideas! Xx

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49 thoughts on “Spring Fashion A-Z Ideas 2017

  1. Ha ha, I also go through the alphabet through my mind xD! You did a great job in putting this post together! I’m always in need for some extra inspiration! Hoping bandanas and ruffles will stay in fashion forever. Have a lovely week! <3


    1. Hahah no waayyyy you love ruffles 😉 A trench is perfect for spring! Xx

  2. This was fun to read, I love the A to Z idea! I’m so glad that denim and jeans are still big for spring, because I’m a devoted denim lover! I also need more floral print in my life.

  3. I’ve been dying for some wardrobe ideas lately, so thanks for this! Maybe I should cut up the hem of my jeans…

    Amber – amberelb.com

    1. Hahah you’re the second person that have said they have to look up klein blue to see what it looks like. You won’t be disappointed, it’s a gem!! Xx

  4. You put together such a great list! Funny, I was just at the dollar shop the other day and they had a bunch of look bandanas and I was so close to buying a few! You made me want to go back to get them lol. Also I completely agree with having instagram fashion as inspiration but not needing to follow it to a T.

    1. Hahah they must have been good then, huh? Glad you enjoyed the post babe! Xx

  5. Great spring fashion recap, hun! In a unique and original way as you usually do! 😀
    I like every trend to be true, but the ones I like more are denim, bandanas, culottes and flowers, maybe are not the most original ones but for me are the most versatile and “springy”!^^

  6. I know I can always expect to come to your blog and leave being inspired for fashion or beauty ideas. I definitely want to try the denim on denim look this Spring season. I also need some stripes and florals in my wardrobe too! And I love a good monochrome outfit, especially all white!

    Rina Samantha

    1. Hahah that makes me so happy to hear, thank you looove! Oh yes, all the things you mentioned are gems! Xx

  7. I love when you do these posts, they’re so fun and you always manage to come up with fashion or beauty related trends that correspond perfectly to each letter. Oh, and yes, I also say the alphabet in my head when needed, haha; I can’t remember any other way! I love taking inspiration from Instagram and making it my own, there’s so many different styles showcased, yet like you’ve said, there can often be a repetitive theme amongst some, so I think it’s great that you’ve suggested to think outside the box or app 🙂 You know, I have this zebra printed pencil skirt in like citron and brown color combo (it sounds really funky, but I promise you it’s cute!). I was looking forward to wearing it last season when I heard that Kenzo was doing the collab with H&M. Well, that’s definitely not going to happen this spring because I can’t fit into it, haha. It’s a very structured piece. Here’s to hoping that zebra will stick around more and gain some momentum by the time I can wear it again 🙂 Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great day!



    1. Hahah but whhaaaatt, no I want to see that skirt asap. Hahah hopefully you’ll wear it sooner or later without zebra print being a thing or not. The combination sounds crazy but kind of fun too! XX

  8. I love this post! Only you would easily write out a Fashion A-Z! The photos of all the outfits are swoon-worthy. I don’t care if culottes are not in either. I love pairing them with different tops and layering on top. I am just not so prepared to wear the ruffle flood pants just yet. lol
    I love all the colorful pieces in the Getty images. The Gucci outfit, then the pink coat, and finally valentino rockstud with orange shorts are all my favourites on this post! I hope you’re having a great week.


    1. Hahah yesss, florals for spring is a major bonus! Can’t wait to see them babe! Xx

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