Spring 2017 Couture Collections: Three Highlights

So life can be hard at times, we all know that. There is always encouragement to be found in haute couture. Only watching though, as couture is kind of like werable paintings. Expensive as hell but painfully pretty to look at. Well well, enough of me rambling: here are Spring 2017 Couture Collections! And oh, here’s a full post on what couture is!

Elie Saab Spring 2017 Couture Collection

It might seem that I favor Saab as I often include his work, but the man has brought gorgeous collections the past season and definitely elevated his work. So why not give him some cred while we’re at it. Elie Saab 2017 Couture Collection is what you expect it to be, but better. There are transparent dresses (and a lot of them), with embellishment and embroidery that creates sophisticated, glamorous looks that are easy to like. This time around though, Saab was even more bold with embellishment and finding a theme and purpose for the creations. The collection touched different themes but stayed coherent and true to Saab’s aesthetic. From feeling like old Hollywood glam from the 1940s, to a lovechild of Saab and Dolce & Gabbana. The adding of necklaces, bows and fringe might seem overwhelming to the already decorated world of couture, but took the looks a step higher. As Saab always creates them, the dresses blends in to one another in terms of color, shape and style. That’s why it’s impossible for me to say some favorites as I’d more or less take them all if I could. Anyways, see the full collection here!

Schiaparelli Spring 2017 Couture Collection

Ever since the beginning of Schiaparelli, the label has had a keen eye for surrealism in the context of fashion. Not necessarily, surrealistic clothes, but clothes that embraces details, patterns and paintings of surrealism. This was unconventional during Elsa Schiaparelli’s days and still possess a feeling of something different and also new. This collection embraced surrealism in a minimalistic and  subtle way (especially the first looks). Small details and hints of fun surrealistic artwork. The collection flirts with Alice In Wonderland, with heart shapes, key holes and color combinations of white, red, black and pink. To be noted though is that I just described the first part of the collection (+ some sporadic looks). Not quite sure what happened later with the theme and the beautiful idea of Alice they had going on. Anyways, I love the blue oversized blazer to the red heels and yes to black tuxedo with the red details (see the slideshow). Catch the full collection here!

Givenchy Spring 2017 Couture Collection

Givenchy did what Givenchy does best, finding a balance between gothic, contemporary or romantic. The leading color for the collection is black, with a focus on the texture and details of the clothes. Some dresses are also in white and gingham, though related to the rest of the collection. The silhouette is rather neat with details such as fringe and feathers giving the dresses some volume. There are some touches of Flamenco and the traditional costumes that comes along with the dance. Strong, fierce and passionate (just see below). There’s one dress in specific with a circular pattern that is a gem. Another look that I wouldn’t mind, not at all, is the transparent dress with feathers marking the hemline. Just do it faux and I’d be happy to work it whenever! See full collection here.

Folks! Which one is your favorite of the 2017 Couture Collections? Drop a comment as usual! 

Copyright: Givenchy

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62 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Couture Collections: Three Highlights

  1. I absolutely love the Schiaparelli collection! That opening number is one of my faves! Another fave of mine is the more technologically inclined Iris van Herpen. I’ve been secretly rooting for the couture crowd to start incorporating more advanced tech techniques into their designs. She seems to be leading the effort (alongside Chalayan in the RTW) which I really appreciate!

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  2. Oh my god YES! I adored quite a few collections (i.e. Dior, Balenciaga), but the Elie Saab collection actually killed me. I need all of it in my wardrobe ASAP, and I need to wallpaper my house with images from the show. It’s stunning. I loved the old Hollywood nods.

    Amber – amberelb.com

  3. I’m not usually big on embellishments, but the Saab collection is too gorgeous! I love how elegant the pieces are.

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  4. Elie Saab always has such romantic and whimsical pieces, I only dare to dream that I could wear a piece by him one day! I of course love the pastels and embellished and feathered details, just adds to the overall glam of the gowns.

    Schiaparelli is probably a little more out of my comfort zone when it comes to designs as I’m not big on BIG and Bold prints. But I do like the lines on that bold matching separates look.

    Some of the Givenchy looks I love and some I’m not a big fan of at all. I find the last style a little to matronly and maybe if they opened up the neckline or fixed the length of the hem it would feel more balanced and less something like a nun would wear. A very chic nun that is =P

    xoxo Rina

    1. He did it so good this year with going a bit heavier on the embellishment, which I love! Hahah I do see where the nun reference comes from haha, but I see it more as a dramatic historical piece rather than religious due to the coverage haha. Love! Xx


  5. The black fringe jacket is amazing. Can totally give up forever on love just to have it. (to the extreme).
    Not a bad thing favoring Saab. He is truly amazing. I am always in awe with his collections. Schiaparelli’s designers do an amazing job on keeping her vision alive.
    Love the post!
    Dora http://www.BangsBang.com

  6. Wow, these collections so beautiful and I’d love to wear pieces from all of them! Can’t you just envision J.Lo wearing all of Saab, Olivia P. in Schiaparelli, and Kim K. in all of Givenchy!? Seriously! I love the attention to detail with the embellishments and placements in Saab’s collection, as well as the romantic color palette. Ah, Schiaparelli just speaks to me with the whimsical 70s flare and I love how even though Givenchy went with the classic gothic vibe, but in a way that’s not overly done and out there, just beautiful in detail. Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, I love the recap and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead!



  7. Beautiful selections, though Elie Saab will always have a special place in my heart. Each and every design is heart-stoppingly beautiful haha; so delicate and detailed!!


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