Skip The Outfit Anxiety In The Morning

If you think you’re the only one with an -all over the place- outfit anxiety every morning, you’re not. There are millions of us and yes, we should have our own support-group because the struggle is real folks. “What Should I Wear?”

Every morning the same problem and every problem the same outfit anxiety. And frankly speaking, too many of us have missed the bus or called in late only because we couldn’t decide what to wear ( – and yes it’s embarrasing). But a day in the wrong clothes is also a downer (yes, we are fashion folks and highly affected by what we wear).

So the magical solution? Here’s a word: planning. Yes folks, p l a n  your outfits in advance! Take a few minutes the night before, and put together your outfit. Do it while brushing your teeth, a commercial break or just quickly when you change into your pyjama. Imagine waking up in the morning and have a gorgeous outfit ready for you to be worn?
Lovely we say’ 

By simply planning your outfit the night before,  you skip the stress in the morning and you will decrease the number of bad outfit days (as your outfit will be a result of careful choices, and not a result of stress). So let’s repeat that magical word once more: p l a n. Plan your outfits in advance and life will get a bit easier (or at least more fashionable)!

Chaotic Mornings

Pssst. If you’re one of those who is always stressed in the morning and never have time to properly do your makeup, if you wear any, this makeup tips for your eyeliner is a genius one. No more Panda eyes here no!

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