Shopping Tips – Summer Sales 2018

Folks! The summer sales 2018 are here/soon here (depending on where you live) and what’s a better idea than to pin down some tips on what to think about when shopping? Here’s some shopping tips for the summer sales 2018:

Shopping Tips Summer 2018

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Summer Sales 2018

Plan In Advance

I know there’s nothing better than to find a gem unexpectedly. Like getting what you want without knowing that you want it? Well that’s always a lovely thing, but the truth it also that those last minute buys are the ones you end up regretting as you haven’t thought them through. Perhaps a pink blouse with overdimensioned ruffles is a cute idea in the store with that exact outfit, but once you get home you realize that it’s nothing like your style and you’ll end up wearing it perhaps once or twice. That’s why it’s key to have some sort of plan and idea of what you’re looking for and thereby, avoid ending up with the wrong clothes. It’s also a terrific way to decrease careless consumption, which is something we all need to do! So when planning what you’re looking for, you’ll have a clear idea of what you need/want and your focus will be centered to finding those pieces.

Match Your Wardrobe

When finding an item you want, it’s essential to match it with your wardrobe. Think how it will complement the clothes you already have. If you can come up with five outfits that will work with the clothing piece I say it’s a hit, if you only can come up with one – you perhaps should reconsider buying it. Of course it’s important to expand your wardrobe and comfort zone with clothing pieces that aren’t aligning with your current style, but it’s also important to invest cleverly. If you know a clothing piece isn’t a match with your wardrobe but you know you’ll wear it anyways, of course it’s a hit! But you have to learn the difference of appreciating an item, just because it’s chic, and appreciating AND buying it because it has your name written all over it. I mean, shopping a trendy item on sale that you’ve been curious about trying for a long time is the way to do it! 

Style more, Shop Less

Ah, my favorite! Kind of an obvious contradiction to tell you to shop less and style more when this post is about shopping tips, but here’s the thing, by shopping clothes that will help your closet further – you’ll be able to style more and shop less. That’s why the sales are a great opportunity to buy basic clothes or other clothes that you believe you need to elevate your style/wardrobe. Now is the time to buy that black blazer or LWD or shirt etc! The more you focus on your style and wardrobe, the less you’ll end up with clothes you won’t wear. Instead, you need to focus on the clothing pieces that will help you to create more outfits. Whatever those pieces are though is up you to decide. The basics are a pretty good way to start though! 


Folks! What are your best shopping tips for the summer sales 2018? Hit me up in the comments! Xx

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36 thoughts on “Shopping Tips – Summer Sales 2018

  1. Words to live by! Style more shop less. I’ve tried to stop myself from buying things I don’t need. Recently purchased a few skirts that match my wardrobe and I’m looking for some cute summer dresses and accessories. Have a lovely day. xx


    1. That’s great! Being more aware of your purchases makes it so much easier! Xx

  2. I do most of my clothes shopping online (so much more convenient than shopping in-store and helps to kill time at work, lol!), and it can be hard to find something that you know for certain will get a lot of use. I probably end up returning at least half of what I order, plus of course online things can look a lot different than they do once they arrive in person. I am all for styling and making the most out of your wardrobe! Thanks for sharing these awesome tips, babe. Hope you are well! <3 xoxo


    1. Oh yes, that’s unfortunaetly the down side of shopping online. But it’s a great way to save some time and energy for sure! Xx

  3. Yess these are all very good tips to keep in mind when shopping! I try to limit my shopping as well to staple pieces that’ll complement my wardrobe. There’s been so many times in the past where I would just splurge on items that I only wear once.


    1. That’s great though! It really helps expanding the wardrobe thus you only work with a few pieces! Xx

  4. I do love to plan ahead too just to make sure I’m able to combine the right things. Planning has many benefits, saving money and time strolling through the shops. So it’s a total win for me! Happy week babe

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  5. Ive been trying to shop less so I have been definitely trying to style more and mix and match things already in my closet but adding just a few key items!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  6. Ooh yay this is super helpful! I’ve seen a lot of good sales recently…I totally don’t need to shop any more haha but I’m going to anyways! ?

  7. Oh I definitely needed these reminders – especially the last one haha! Sale season is always very dangerous, but I think if you really try to stick to a little plan in advance like you said, it can be super successful 🙂
    xx, Carmen –

    1. Oh yes definitely, so many chic clothing pieces to be found when you know what you’re searching for! Xx

  8. I’d have to agree with all you’ve mentioned here based off my personal experience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen in love with something in stores only to wear it a handful of times. I’m guilty of doing this with other things aside from clothing, too. So, I try (key word try, lol) to scan my wardrobe and note what I believe I really need before going in. I hate online shopping, though convenient, I can never get the sizing right and I end up spending more because there are more options and more sales. So, I have to really plan ahead, especially now with Aviah. I’m given about a solid 30 min before a meltdown ensues and I become THAT mom, so I need to be precise, lol. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great week!



    1. Hahah well that makes it even better and more important to plan in advance! Xx

    1. Hahah I know! But such a relief to shop your own closet at times too! Xx

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