Shoes For Fall 2016

As shoes are more of “staple through the years” than “buy and toss” items, we’re pretty sure that you already have your shoe wardrobe figured out for fall. With that said, we still have some fancy shoe ideas for you! Or frankly speaking, we have boots, all different kinds of boots ideas. Folks? Here are our shoes for fall 2016!

Thigh High Boots

Now hello gorgeous! Perhaps we should have saved these for last,  but some people do claim that dessert is to be eaten first, and so do we. Without being too partial, the boots will take your outfit from zero to hero in the instant. Paired with leggings or skinny jeans, the thigh high boots will work as a second leg piece.  They will keep your legs a bit warmer, give you length and give the perfect fall fashionista feeling. This year, thigh high boots in suede-looking material is trendy. Dessert first and we’re done!

Ankle Boots

High heels and fall weather is seldom a good combo, and the ankle boots are the perfect compromise. As they give length, are easy to walk in and works with whatever, they’ll be your friend in need. Ankle boots will also outbalance all the layers you’ll be working. Do them in black, grey, beige or a color that’ll match your outfit! Or why not a pattern as below?

Platform Sneakers

Yay! Not a pair of boots, but a chic pair of sneakers! If you still want to keep the street style edge this fall you can keep your sneakers. But with all the raining and everything fall, we’d suggest platform sneakers. They are still sneakers but with the thick sole, they’ll save you from the puddles. As they are trendy too atm, there are a lot to choose from. Level up this fall folks (quite literally).

Chelsea Boots

If you’re living in warmer areas, where the typical fall weather won’t hit you, the chelsea boots will save you. They still bring the fall feeling, they’ll still be quite warm and they’re definitely comfy. As they both can be neat and more rough, we’re sure you’ll find one that’s suitable. Neater chelsea boots are also chic to do with denim shorts, dresses and skirts that shows a little leg. They make a chic contrast and a comfy combo!

Wellington Boots

We don’t really think that we need to justify the use of wellington boots. They’re functional, comfy and as charming as ever. We adore the wellington boots and they’ll save you on the rainiest of days. Now we know that black and dark colored ones might be the most practical. BUT, please, do them in red, yellow, pink, floral pattern or whatever that’ll make us think of a british cup of tea. And don’t forget the matching raincoat and we’ll have Paddington!

Folks, that were our somewhat tips for shoes for fall 2016. What are your go-to’s?

shoes for fall 2016

134 thoughts on “Shoes For Fall 2016

  1. I was just eyeing a pair of thigh high boots on a site and debating whether to get them or not! I absolutely adore the look, but for some odd reason can’t make the plunge. 🙁

    I did, however, pick up some new ankle boots! Can’t wait to wear them out!

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  2. Chelsea boots and Ankle boots! Could not pull off the thigh high boots but would want to give it a whirl sometimes. Nice selection! Stay gorgeous lovelies! xo


  3. Wow! Those mustard yellow wellies are just too cute! Whoever wears them would look like a cute duck! (Or Paddington.) If only it rained in LA so I could have an excuse to buy them 🙂 I’ll have to get them for my trips back to the UK.

  4. I am so happy thigh high boots are still in style this fall. It’s a trend I adore but didn’t jump on board with last year and I’m dying to finally pick up a fabulous pair this year!

  5. Oh, I love ankle boots. I can’t wait for Autumn so that I can start wearing mine every single day again 🙂 They just go with everything!

  6. Thigh high boots have the ability to transform any outfit at all into something so sexy – I love them! Though having said that, I’m a bit of a diehard ankle-boot fan too 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  7. Shoes are at the top of my fall shopping list, and this post is making me so excited to shop! I’m in the market for some sneakers and I love the chelsea boots you picked too!

  8. Statement booties are definitely this fall’s biggest trend! Even though it’s so hot and sunny still, I just bought my first pair of the season, I just couldn’t resist!


    Tamara –

  9. Except the platform sneakers, I love all of these trends, especially Chelsea and thigh high boots! x

    ps. Are you gonna get back to Disqus or this is the new comment system now :)?

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. I’ve never had Disqus on The Fashion Folks, I have an account there so I can comment on other blogs, but have never used the system at The Fashion Folks. However, I’m thinking about changing, but am not sure yet! Xx

  10. I think my favourites are the Chelsea boot and thigh high boots. I just bought myself my dream pair of thigh highs and can’t wait to wear them all fall and winter long! I’ll even wear them in the summer with slip dresses.


  11. Yes, yes, yes! I love OTK boots, they keep you so warm! I have a heeled pair and now I am on the hunt for the perfect flat pair. I love my wellies,and ankle boots, too! Great shoes to have for fall!

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