SAG Awards 2020 – Red Carpet

Folks! The SAG awards 2020 happened this weekend and as much as I love movies, I’m here to talk about the fashion. It was perhaps not the most memorable red carpet fashion, but you know, a lot of glam people in glam dresses! I’ve picked out four looks I think are a bit more interesting and fashionable! Here’s my article on the Golden Globe Red Carpet.

SAG Awards 2020

Sarah Goldberg

So this floral history might not be the most clear red carpet look ever, there’s something with white and bright flowers that feels more suitable for daywear rather than nightwear. But anyways, I think the easy style of the dress, the voluminous sleeves and the subtle collar are all beautiful details. The semi-transparent fabric is beautiful too and a reminder that summer is on its way (just give it a few more months, okey!?). 

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Cynthia Erivo

I’m a big fan of red and pink in combination and I’m a big fan of how its been done here. The red top with the dramatic pink fabric is such a stylish combination. It’s a lot of fabric to work indeed, but I think it’s balanced with the sleeveless style as well as Erivo’s subtle styling. Maybe if I could complain a bit, I’d choose a more bright version of pink to make the color combination pop even more. But hey, this is pretty good as it is! 

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Francesca Reale

Quite the unusual red carpet look, but ever so stylish however. It’s not too common to have the upper part of a glam dress done as a blouse with puffy sleeves, collar and button, but it works here with the A-line shaped skirt. I also like the black belt around the waist, it’s a nice match with the other black details of the look. The styling is superb too, with the tidy hairdo and the red lipstick! Love how this look feels retro and timeless at the same time. 

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Emily Hampshire

I love tulle, I love ruffles, I love transparent fabrics and I love mauve = I ought to love this dress! The rich color and the ruffles are what makes this dress so chic. I love how its balanced with a more simple v-cut and puffy, transparent, sleeves. The dark nails and the matching clutch are intensifying the hue of the dress and enhances its unique tone. A lipstick that matches the nails and rosy cheeks would’ve been such a great complement too! 

Folks! Do you have any favorite from the SAG Awards 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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22 thoughts on “SAG Awards 2020 – Red Carpet

  1. That mauve number is my favorite! There are not enough exclamation points to convey how much I love that color. So agreed that a darker lip to match the nails and rosy cheeks would’ve been a stunning complement. You’ve got me thinking of edgier ways to style mauve…dangerous! Happy Thursday, Mia! xx

  2. Hello dear Mia, hope you’re having a magical 2020 so far! I’m just coming back from a trip and catching up on your site!!!

    I love this season, specially for the dresses and the movies, it is like post Christmas and I’m definitely in to take a look at the red carpet, specially if you’re sharing your favorites with us!

    I liked Cynthia Erivo in these images…. I liked Charlize Theron too, casual but with luxurious vibes 🙂

    Best regards!

    1. Hope you had a great trip Pablo, welcome back! Yes Cynthia Erivo was so chic in her gown! Xx

  3. So many gorgeous outfits this year. I have to admit I loved Jennifer Aniston’s dress. It was so simple, but so beautiful and she carried it off so well! I couldn’t ever wear a dress that colour though, i’d end up ruining it within about ten minutes haha xo

    Makeup Muddle

  4. I really love Sarah and Emily’s dresses along with the hair and makeup, which I feel complimented them both. I agree, the first dress would be stunning for summer. I need to get invited somewhere in the Hamptons, haha. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!


  5. Ooh you’re right that Sarah Goldberg’s dress doesn’t seem super formal, but I love it! I love Emily Hampshire’s dress too, it is gorgeous!

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