Roundup of the Trend Alert Series

The trend alert series has been going pretty strong for awhile, but as the fashion weeks are upon us the – more or less – weekly series will take a break (too confusing to mix current trends with upcoming trends). But I thought before diving into the madness of the fashion weeks, what about a roundup on some trend alerts I’ve been doing so far? This article will serve you well if you couldn’t get enough of trends 2020 in this article and to all of you who just need a reminder or two of how to maximize the clothes in your closet! Just click the images to get to the articles!

Trend Alerts 2020/2019


Snake Print

Pleated Skirts




Metallic Skirts

Puffer Jackets


Polka Dots

Folks! Have a lovely Tuesday, Xx

12 thoughts on “Roundup of the Trend Alert Series

  1. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this on the blog, but Aviah loves brown. Lol, it’s funny to say because most two year old girls love pink, purple, or some other color—never brown! Well, my little miss has an intuitive eye for fashion, huh?! Lol! Brown has certainly been trending and I don’t really see it going anywhere because it’s so classy and can make anything appear more luxe; I love it. I’m hoping that polka dots continue to stick around throughout the year because I love the variations we’ve seen. I wasn’t able to explore them much, since I was pregnant much of 2019; I love the black and whites and the browns you’ve showcased here. I hope you’re having a great week, beauty!


    1. Omgg that’s the cutest though! hahah she’s surely here for the timeless fashion 😉 Polka dots are great too, go for it regardless of its status! Xx

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