Round-up of Articles: Styling Tips Spring/Summer

As this home life is continuing, I continue the tradition of dedicating the Friday article to weekend reading. Today I’ve compiled some previous articles on styling tips for spring/summer fashion. I know many of us are not thinking about dressing up right now, but nothing like planning outfits ahead or making life at home more thrilling with a more “normal” outfit. Don’t be too occupied with the years, as always, the tips are still relevant today. Click the images to get to the articles!

Folks! Have a lovely weekend, make it relaxing or productive – or why not both?! Xx

4 thoughts on “Round-up of Articles: Styling Tips Spring/Summer

  1. Thanks for this compilation, Mia! It is good to know that there are fashion blogs like yours that are keeping up a very good conversation about trend and many things beyond the obvious!

    Keep safe and creative! Gonna take a look at the posts of this week 😉

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