Round-up of Articles: Fashion Week February 2020

Folks! To provide you with some weekend reading (yup, there’s more time than ever for that), I thought it’s about time to do a round-up with all the articles from the fashion weeks. It’s a nice dose of inspiration with current fashion, upcoming fashion and street style fashion. In other words, a perfect opportunity to get inspired. Click the images to get to the articles!

Fashion Weeks February 2020

New York Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Street Style Fashion

Highlights Fall 2020

Fall Fashion/Beauty 2020

Folks, have a lovely weekend! Stay home and try and make the most out of it. You can find some ideas from last week’s article here! Xx

14 thoughts on “Round-up of Articles: Fashion Week February 2020

  1. You always have the best recaps of fashion weeks! I can’t believe some of these were only a couple of months ago – seems like forever ago!

  2. I feel like New York fashion week was so long ago, because so much has happened with the quarantine and everything. It’s good to know that we really appreciated it whilst it was going on.

    I hope you’re staying safe!

    1. So true! Can’t wait to get back to a more normal life and enjoy the things we normally take for granted! Xx

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