Round-up of Articles: Colorful Life

Folks! As this home life vibe is still going strong, I thought I’d continue to round-up some articles for weekend reading. As spring is going strong with sunny days and bright shades, how about some articles on colorful fashion and beauty? Spring and summer in general are terrific seasons to embrace a more colorful life! You don’t have to care about the years that are written on some images, these tips are still relevant today! As always, click the images to get to the articles.

Folks! What color are you going for this weekend? Let me know in the comments ! Xx

12 thoughts on “Round-up of Articles: Colorful Life

  1. YES! Great collection of posts, I’ve seen some of them!
    I also think spring and summer are the best season for a explosion of color. And I personally made myself the promise to wear more color tones during 2020!

  2. Oh, you KNOW I am here for all the colorful roundups! I loved the nail color article. And as far as this weekend, I’m going for all black, because it’s cold and rainy here in CA! Happy weekend friend xo


  3. I love all of those bright colours!

    I hope you’re doing well during this quarantine, and that its treating you relatively okay!

    amy x

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