Rose Bertin – Throwback Thursday

Rose Bertin. Considered to be the first famous french fashion designer and also the lady who coined ‘Haute Couture’. Bertin designed for french royalties and court ladies in 18th century France, and more specifically Marie Antoinette herself. Her outfits were imaginative, as were her combinations of bows, flowers and colors. As her creations were quite expensive, she wasn’t popular by the general public (due to the splurge), but being the dresser of Marie Antoinette – this didn’t concern her. Bertin and Antoinette met twice a week to go through and discuss Bertin’s designs. In one of their meetings, Bertin is said to have stated: “There is nothing new except what has been forgotten”. As this is highly applicable of the fashion today, we state that her nickname ‘Fashion Minister’ is eternal!


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