Roksanda Fall 2020 – Review

London fashion week has so far been a pleasant surprise with interesting, innovative and thorough collections.  One of the collections I’ve enjoyed the most is Roksanda Fall 2020. The collection is playful, energetic and definitely entertaining. You can find previous articles about the fashion weeks here and don’t forget to view the full collection here

Roksanda Fall 2020

So how are one to describe Roksanda fall 2020? Well, it’s anything but boring. It’s full of deconstructed, rustic, sporty looks. The collection is a mix of innovative office wear, glam evening looks and chic fall fashion. A lot of silk and leather is used, but also knitted pieces. Fringe is an important detail in many of the looks and so is color-blocking. The palette of the collection stretches from olive green to copper, cobalt blue, pink and orange. One common theme for the looks of the collection is the layered style with turtlenecks, shirts and jackets. It has some ambiguous influences of the 1970s sporty, jetset style, but also some references to the 1980s. The patterns are abstract and shows how well modern art suits the art of fashion. 

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Thoughts on The Collection

I must say this collection is a bit all over the place. It’s both following a theme, but also has a lot of random misplaced looks. I adore the collection for its playfulness and creative looks, which are really good, but I’m at the same time skeptical to the inconsistency and lack of wearability. What is to emphasize is the play of color and texture, which makes the collection interesting and dynamic. I’m a big fan of this leather look that opens the collection. The color, the layering, the belt, the boots – this is a perfected look for fall. The look that follows is also interesting with the color combination and how they’ve created a geometrical pattern with the leather material. 

The best look of the collection is undoubtedly this knitted color-blocking dress. I mean, it’s amazing. Let me say it one more time if it wasn’t clear enough: it’s amazing. The colors, the patchwork, the texture, the statement – I love it all. The styling is also magnificent with the burgundy-colored boots and turtleneck. There’s a second look in the collection that follows the same theme, it’s also really chic and playful. Talk about a perfect sweater for fall! Another look I enjoy is this rustic orange/brown one. I mean, that jacket is perfection. The boots are interesting and goes well with the rest of the outfit. How the boots are used in this look is also interesting, as it mirrors the style of the blouse. The gowns of the collection are good too, I love this blue hue and the intensity of the orange. So chic with the pattern of this dress too, although it might not be that wearable. 

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I do think the collection is struggling with wearability, as I wrote before. Though the fringe is an interesting detail, it’s not that well-placed (like in this look). I’m pretty sure too that this all-white look would be more wearable without the fringe and same goes for this red look. I mean, the looks still works, but I’m sure the fringe could’ve been used in a more thoughtful way. Some of the silk looks are not too well-done either. I don’t like the color combination in this look, it’s a bit costume-ish. It would be better to ditch the green part and just go for a pink and red combination. Or perhaps a deep purple instead of green? This brown top would’ve been better in white. I must say though that I like the intention of mixing colors, but if it are to be done in a realistic way it needs to be more wearable. In fact, the whole collection arguably struggles with a good intention but not a realistic end result. But perhaps parts of it can be overlooked in favor of creativity, playfulness and simply just a different way of fashion! Just like the knitted dress and sweater 😉

Folks! What are your thoughts of Roksanda fall 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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18 thoughts on “Roksanda Fall 2020 – Review

  1. Now this collection truly is fun! I agree – the pieces are all over the place. I’m struggling to find a theme that isn’t just ‘deconstructed.’ I think if the colors stayed in a similar palette I wouldn’t be as bothered (maybe the purple dress in a more muted hue?). That leather number is my fave too! Happy Thursday, Mia xx

    1. Hahah yes! I was thinking about changing the color palette too, just to make it more logic and wearable. But oh my, the leather looks were so good! Xx

  2. Oof! I’m a little bit split here; because I adore seeing the catwalks for inspiration, but when I just can’t imagine how to style similar pieces for everyday wear, it becomes less enjoyable. Does that make sense?! Having said that, the colour palette is 100% inspirational – what an explosion of cheeriness! haha 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this collection; I always love visting your blog and especially during fashion weeks! 🙂 x

    1. Hahah no it definitely makes sense! I always try to view a collection from a perspective of wearability! And thank you for the sweet comments as always love! Xx

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