Rochas Fall 2019 – Review

Okey, fair enough. I know that last week’s review was a bit crazy with Vivetta. The collection was a bit Alice in Wonderland. But I thought I’d compromise it today by reviewing Rochas fall 2019. Ending the fashion month with a collection that’s in one way pretty classic, but also full of fashion twists and twerks. Funny enough I re-read my article from October on Givenchy Spring 2019, just to refresh what I last wrote about a PFW collection. And I must say I was a bit surprised when I read that I struggled to find a collection I wanted to write about. Because truth to be told, I found it difficult this season too. The bigger fashion houses were a bit out of tune with their usual level of fashion whilst the more local designers didn’t surprise either. But anyways, I’ll talk more about that later! See Rochas fall 2019 here.

Rochas Fall 2019

The fall collection 2019 of Rochas is pretty classic to its core. It mainly centers around black and white, some grey and some brown. The materials differ from classic leather, fringe and more silky ones. The A-silhouette was done a lot, but some looks also focused on emphasizing the waist in quite the 60s manner. Gloves, hats and high boots were also popular accessories, accompanying dresses, skirts, blazers, coats and sweaters. I’d say the core of the collection is the classic fashion of black and white done in timeless styles but with a fun twist. Like this cardigan layered with the black dress that’s classic and wearable but with the fun twist of the leather boots. Rochas fall 2019 is a take on the timeless fashion with modern twists.

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Thoughts On the Collection

If I’m gonna be completely honest, I think I like the idea of the collection more than the execution. Or that was perhaps a bit harsh as there are a lot of looks I thoroughly enjoy, but I adore the idea of exploring classic fashion pieces in new contexts. One way of doing it, that reconnects with the current fashion, is to give timeless clothing pieces modern elements. To simplify, the result is often successful if the designer manages to exceed the star quality of the timeless clothing piece with the the new, more contemporary one. This was partly reached in Rochas fall 2019 but perhaps not to its full potential.

To begin with though, let’s talk about the better parts of the collection. I absolutely love the black and white looks. This fringy one with the white collar might not be that wearable, but so incredibly fun and stylish. I think what takes the look to the next level is actually the white collar that gives the look are more ordinary, wearable feeling. Simply creating associations with a daily fashion. This white dress is pretty dramatic in a positive way with the exaggerated A-silhouette and the voluminous collar. I think the choice of adding the black piece around the collar also helps the look forward. I’m not too sure about the looks of teal and brown, except that I’m crushing majorly on the color combination (remember this one for fall folks!). But this look is really good though! The leather jacket favorably contrasts the boots and layers well with the skirt. The teal blouse under breaks of the color scheme nicely. It’s just a well balance of imbalance in the outfit, if that makes sense. Love the shiny pearly pink that this day dress has and this evening gown. Such a delicate color to embrace for fall if you ask me. Will be really chic to do with some beige and camel!

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As for the less successful parts of the collection, I do think it struggles with some lack of excitement concerning some looks. The first, grey, looks of the collection are quite okey. Simple, easy to work and style, but have undoubtedly been done countless of times before. A color or a crazy design of bag or sunnies would elevate the looks further. Perhaps exaggerated buttons or zippers or just something that intensifies the looks and make them more interesting. Although I like the all black looks better  (this look for instance), I would’ve loved for more trendy twists! Why not a big clutch or a bag in perhaps faux fur or leopard? Same kind of goes with this look. The blouse could be more interesting with more volume and a collar like the one of the white dress, or just something that makes it stand out more!

In all though, I do think the collection is pretty easy to like and includes some really fun twists of classic clothing pieces. If you like timeless clothing pieces but would like to see them down in more contemporary ways, this one is surely for you! I also appreciate the colors used. The teal, the silky pink and the warm brown were all really lovely and more or less effectful in their elements!

Folks! What do you think about Rochas fall 2019? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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