Rochas Fall 2018 – Paris Fashion Week

Folks, it’s March. Perhaps not the most brilliant month of the year (with all due respect, of course). So what’s a better thing to do than to brighten up this week with a collection review from Paris fashion week? Up for dissection is Rochas Fall 2018 collection! Catch the full collection here.

Rochas Fall 2018 - Paris Fashion Week Review

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Rochas Fall 2018

If you take 1940s fashion and mix it up with some modern elements, I reckon this collection is what you get. It’s a mix of timeless pieces and trendy details. Perhaps a vague Bottega Veneta feeling with the slightly oversized silhouette, the earthy shades and androgynous clothes. There’s a lot of trench coats, blazers, turtlenecks, shirts and midi long skirts and dresses. The color scale is rather retro with the camel, brown and grey but also contemporary with ultra violet, lemon yellow and baby blue. The prints are mainly centered around the check pattern, but some snake and leo prints are present too. Also a few floral prints in glossy materials. There’s a fine balance of mixing prints in a bold way and balancing them classically with neutral colors. The layered style is also central in the collection, with jackets layered over flowy dresses and blouses.

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Thoughts On The Collection

I love the idea of this collection, I have a weak spot for the 1940s style that balances the practical fashion with refined details. Clothes that reflected the societal conditions during the war, when fashion was considered a luxury and you had to count on the details to bring the style and live up to the ideals. So clearly I love when this capsule of time is being interpreted in a contemporary context with influences of the trends we have today. For instance, the bold colors, the animal prints, the high boots and melancholic romanticism that designers love to explore! The 1940s is also rather wearable from our modern perspective which also increases my fondness as it’s retro done with an approach that suits the style preferences of today.

Note my choice of words though as I said that I love the idea of the collection and not the collection itself. I do like it, but I have some criticism as always! What changes my view is the inconsistency in the collection where some looks are pure genius whilst other lacks energy and excitement. This look is a great example of the retro elements clashing with modern details, whilst this look feels a bit too ambitious in its intention and execution. A color less or a layer less would’ve done it better. I think the three first looks of the collection are really chic, perhaps with a complaint on the color of the boots in the third look. Would’ve worked better in a warmer shade or the yellow that’s used later in the collection. Would’ve enjoyed look number four if it weren’t for the color of the boots too. This print mix is genius, love the metallic look of the dress. This dress is a dream and adore the retro space vibe in this look with the boots and the ultra violet.

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I understand the idea of contrasting the dress with heavier boots in this look, but it didn’t work that well here as it gets too heavy. I think this look manages to be both boring yet over the top, which is a weird combination. I can’t decide on this look as I like the balance of colors but not sure about the metallic piece. Another look I love, where the colors and prints are managed well, is this print mix. Truly a reflection that we’re not done with the combination of midi dresses and OTK boots! If there’s something I rarely have anything to say about, it’s that the last looks of a collection are usually the most advanced and elegant ones. This didn’t happen in this collection and a bit disappointed about it, I think some proper evening gowns embodying the eclecticism the collection surrounds would have been nice for a grand finale!

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As I’m writing this I do realize that much of my criticism comes down to the choice of colors in certain outfits and some styling aspects too. That itself is a reflection that I do indeed enjoy this collection very much and if there’s one style in specific that I look forward to embrace for fall, it’s the modern retro vibe that balances contemporary elements with classic clothing pieces. The collection is retro, it’s modern, it’s trendy, it’s classic, it partly shows new perspectives. I mean, how can’t you be happy with this yellow outfit and the snake boots? It’s the definition of how fashion can light up the mood, something we need as it’s March after all – lol!

Folks! What are your thoughts on Rochas fall 2018? Do you enjoy this collection as much as I do? I’d love to hear your opinions, let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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16 thoughts on “Rochas Fall 2018 – Paris Fashion Week

  1. Ugh I’m with you there Mia, March is definitely NOT the most exciting month of the year! i’m more than happy to shift my focus over to PFW on your blog, that’s for sure haha. I love the utilitarian feel of some of the looks shared in this post! Hope you’re having a lovely week so far 🙂 x

  2. I always love it to learn about your point of view! I can absolutely feel you with this feeling on this whole collection. It’s so much of looking forward but staying traditional at the same time. Haha and yes, I think those snake-skin boots come right up on my March wish list!
    xx, Carmen –

  3. I do like the retro yet modern feel of this collection, and I do think it includes some very wearable pieces. I also agree that some of the looks just had too much going on and didn’t seem to be cohesive with the other looks. I do like all the pretty color though!

    1. I think the lack of energy is kind of compensated with the chic vibe of the collection! Xx

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