Richard Quinn Spring 2020 – Review

If I’m gonna be completely honest with you, I struggled a lot to find a collection from London fashion week that I wanted to review. I felt that many of the collections presented the same idea of a more deconstructed, exaggerated, 1980s style with lots of flamboyant flowers, statement shoulders, graphic t-shirts, boots, leather and voluminous pieces. Richard Quinn is no exception from this, but I do think he did the 1980s in an entertaining way, which I’d like to highlight. Here’s a review of Richard Quinn Spring 2020

Richard Quinn Spring 2020
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Richard Quinn Spring 2020

This collection is honestly a bit all over the place, yet it manages stay cohesive and quite logical. Quinn’s spring 2020 collection is a reflection of how the 1980s trend has evolved the past years. From designers choosing the most innocent details of the decade, such as the polka dots, to now embrace the full scale of awkward colors, patterns, ruffles, volume and puffy shoulders. And this collection? Well, it covers it all! Quinn’s vision for next season is all about that advanced, crazy, 1980s look. It’s about voluminous dresses and skirts with bows, lace, tulle and feathers. It covers the leopard pattern and statement flowers in almost every look. Patent leather, blazers, maxi capes and bold tights are other details of the collection. It’s almost to the point where it’s an irony of the 1980s, as some looks are definitely the worst of what the 1980s had to offer. It’s dramatic, it’s awkward and it’s energetic. Undoubtedly a collection with lots of personality and  memorable looks!

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Thoughts On the Collection

So what do I think of this fashion madness? Well, it’s quite entertaining to look at after all. There’s a positive uncertainty in the collection, where you don’t know what the next look will be like. Will it be even more over the top florals? Will the shoulders be bigger? Will it be even more tulle? You get it. The best part with collections like that is that they entertain the audience. The less positive part about collections like these, are that they are rarely that functional or practical in real life. Who is gonna wear a dress like this more than once? I know that the discussion of wearable fashion vs artsy fashion, is one I return to a lot, but I can’t help to either. The price of artsy, entertaining, looks is often paid by the wearability of the pieces and through that, the sustainability. 

Funnily enough, I do think that the collection’s strength lies within the looks that are more artsy, yet more or less wearable (perhaps not for your Monday business meeting, but you get the idea). The red flowers, the identical tights and the patent leather top in the first look is stylish and bold. This look is similar in the design, but perhaps that the blue pattern is a bit more wearable. Love the luxe feeling the gold adds. The awkward, retro, eclecticism in this look is quite the entertaining time capsule. Love the 1970s empowerment in this look. The more sophisticated style of this dress is really glam and refined. Perhaps one of the best looks of the collection. I’m also a fan of this mini dress, with the intense volume. 

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I’m having a hard time accepting the looks that are more like costumes than clothes for the everyday life. This floral dress with red details and lace is too 1980s. Same goes for this mix of florals and this dress. I’m quite unsure about this dress too. Does it look like a curtain? Or a lamp? The look that ends the show is slightly better, although I’m not too keen of the floral pattern. The mermaid style is however quite unexpected and is definitely one to remember! Which is perhaps what the entire collection comes back too. It’s memorable for being exaggerated and not relatable. It’s entertaining but not realistic and the best pieces are the more soft, neutral, ones. Anyways, it’s definitely worthy of a look or two! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on Richard Quinn Spring 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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