Review: Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 + Bonus Highlights

Holy guacamole folks, can you believe this madness?! We have barely entered the resort 2017 season and the collections a year from now are already showing. A (not) genius mix of fashion capitalism and consumption. However, contradictorily enough I enjoy this fashion aspect from a creative and design perspective (*trying to ignore the ignorance of the earth’s resources*). However, here’s a review of Prabal Gurung Resort 2018. See full collection here.

Courtsey of Prabal Gurung (resort 2018)

Prabal Gurung Resort 2018

To be stated is that resort collections are to be wearable and somewhat more practical than the other seasonal collections. Prabal Gurung has more than realized the concept, he’s worked with the look’s wearability in every other clothing piece. Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 is a rather subtle collection with sweet pops of summer vibes. The focus is centered to details as ruffles, belts and the structure of the clothing piece. The color range is wide going from classic black and white to pea green, pink, red and dove blue. The floral print is used in several ways, both in a navy blue version but also as a white/red combo and in a blue/white look. The collection remains coherent with focus on silhouette, simple details and sophisticated elegance.

Thoughts on the Collection

I love each clothing piece more than I love the collection as a whole. At first, when seeing the whole thread, the collection comes off a bit too ladylike for my liking, even though I appreciate the refined and elegant feeling that is present. However, going through the collection piece by piece: it’s strikingly wearable with a perfect balance of trendy details and a classic style. This first look, is a classic with that exact blue shade and a bit conservative, but fiercely contrasted with cutouts. This combo of stripes and floral print also feels a bit lady, but can easily get another feeling with a more modern styling. The combo of colors and prints is itself really good! A styling that is complete on point however, is this one. I wouldn’t hesitate wearing this full look from top to toe including that hairdo. The sweet style of the dress is balanced with the clumsy shoes.

Courtsey of Prabal Gurung (resort 2018)

Except from this divine blue dress, the weak spots of the collection are the looks of blue, pink and green. They manage to look like something for a Barbie doll as much as a 70 year old person. Not sure how and why that’s possible, but that’s the feeling at least. The red colored powersuit also feels more suitable for a lady style, but the chic details of the sleeves adds a fun twist that opens up for timeless use. This red dress is without a doubt one of the best dresses I’ve seen in 2017 yet, bummer it’s for the 2018 life – lol. But a perfect balance of volume and defined lines, of blank space and details.

Other looks that are worthy of some love, is this chic one that I could host a cocktail party in (only so I could wear the dress). This dress looks like a modern vintage piece which is always lovely. Not to forget: this blouse. It’s so delicate!

Overall conclusion

Prabal Gurung has always had quite the timeless approach to his style aesthetic, an approach that sometimes happens at the expense of a lively, fresh and interesting style. Hence the lady touch to the looks, the collection is full of gems that are worth an applause.

Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 Prabal Gurung Resort 2018

Courtsey of Prabal Gurung

BONUS: Highlights of Resort 2018

Folks, I’ll surely come back to these collections over and over again as it’s a whole year left for these “to be in style”, but as it is Monday after all, and I’ve had a blast going through these collections this weekend, why not do a highlight bonus? Yes, I very much think so indeed:

  • This dress (?!) from Altuzarra is so simple yet so chic. It kind of looks like a scarf gone dress which is a fun approach on the scarves’ ability to be worn in several ways (even though it’s done as a dress here). Chic nonetheless!
  • So many gorgeous and simple pieces from Anna Sui Resort 2018. The colors and print combinations are just perfectly balancing between boho chic and romantic. LOVE! 
  • Chloé continued the same style as in pre-fall 2017. Not as successful this time, but who can say no to this mint green dress? A perfect Chloé piece indeed.
  • Many of you, including myself, loved the dress from Carolina Herrera. She also has a lady touch to her collections, but oh my so many pretty pieces this season.
  • Can’t help but to really, really, love this look from Michael Kors Resort 2018. The colors, the print, the shoes, the styling – yes please! 
  • Two things are genius from Pringle of Scotland Resort 2018. 1) The monochrome style 2) the sleeves. Genius to combine (as in the first looks). Look 10 and look 11 are also genius. GENIUS.
  • The styling in this look from Tory Burch is so good. Don’t know why it’s resort 2018 though, I’d easily wear it fall time!
  • I don’t know what this look from Oscar de la Renta is but I need it and I’m gonna wear it (read: something similar #budgetlife) next year. Oh my.
  • Jonathan Simkhai probably did the most ugly-chic look I’ve seen in awhile. Given the elements used in the outfit, it shouldn’t be a hit, but I can’t help but to love it?
  • Gucci is all over the place and we’re all here for it tbh.

Folks! Have you had the chance to look at a resort 2018 collection? What are your thougts on Prabal Gurung Resort 2018? Drop a comment and have a lovely week folks! Xx

Courtsey of Tory Burch (resort 2018)

32 thoughts on “Review: Prabal Gurung Resort 2018 + Bonus Highlights

  1. Oh yeah, part of me is high key bothered by the waste created by having too many unnecessary fashion seasons, but another part is creatively greedy, and I want all the inspiration I can get. It’s problematic.

    Since it’s still a thing for now though, we might as well enjoy the collections. Prabal Gurung was pretty good. It’s a lot more dressed up (for lack of a better word/phrase) than I’m feeling right now, but there are definitely some killer individual pieces, ie that ruffled maxi skirt look oh my GOD.

    1. Hahah so true! Might as well enjoy the road to hell, lol! The ruffled maxi dress is a gem indeed!! Xx

  2. I am not usually a huge fan of his work but this I love. I find the collection to be as you said, refined and elegant and yes, I too would be more than happy to wear every piece with my hair up the same way.

    1. I think he’s usually to ladylike too, but I definitely loved this one! Xx

  3. I’m with you – I’m not even ready for 2018 collections yet! The fashion world seems to push us further ahead in the year, and I feel like I can’t even enjoy this moment right now – summer! I do love the looks, though 🙂


    1. That’s actually quite true though. Hahah I feel a bit stressed as there are so many great fashion trends happening and I don’t have time to embrace them all haha! Xx

  4. Swoon; I want everything, lol! Seriously, though, I love the feminine and flirty vibe of the collection and how practical everything is, as you’ve mentioned. It’s very rare that I’m unable to choose an absolute favorite piece, so this is a home run for me! Thanks so much for sharing this recap with us, my gorgeous friend, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



    1. Hahah actually that’s a pretty good review: not being able to pick a favorite hints the high level!! Xx

  5. Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this collection, lovely! I do agree with you entirely, it does come across as very ‘lady-like’, but I personally really like that! I can definitely appreciate just how wearable these dresses are, and the blue dress caught my attention right away! You are right, something about these designs is very timeless, which I personally think is great & I actually really enjoy this collection. Looking through your other links, that Anna Sui dress is everything! So chic and effortless. <3 Thanks for sharing, lovely! xoxo


    1. Thank you love!! I definitely appreciate that the dresses are as wearable as they are. It’s a perfect balance of pretty and functional! Xx

  6. Okay, so I really really love this collection! Agreed that it seems incredibly ladylike, but there’s something about it that really speaks to me. I am normally not the biggest fan of ruffles, but I love all of the flounce going on here, LOL xx

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