Review: Max Mara Resort Collection 2018

I have tendency to highlight collections that are challenging the normative style(s) of fashion as it’s how fashion evolves with creativity. BUT as much as you and I both enjoy those collections, it’s inevitable that wearable looks relates to our everyday style better. (Please let us be that generation that changes this though). So how basic Max Mara Resort Collection 2018 may be, it has wearability written all over it. And that we have to give a round of applause for too  every now and then. Here’s a somewhat review of Max Mara Resort Collection 2018 and why it works! All images belongs to Max Mara.

Max Mara Resort Collection 2018

Max Mara Resort Collection 2018

If you take the best of the 1940s style, add some modern vibes and go for a navy look with a casual approach on the office style – well, that’s where you get Max Mara Resort Collection 2018. It might sound messy but all the elements (navy style, 1940s, office wear) are all closely related with a core centered to structured clothes in basic shades of beige, navy blue and white. The silhouette is rather slim but with a loose approach which embodies casual chic.

The stripes in combination with the beret hats inevitably gives a Paris vibe. The navy blue, beige, stripes, ropes and espadrilles gives a navy vibe, perfect for the summer life. The 1940s are most notable in the boyish silhouette with slightly oversized blazers, pantsuits and midi long dresses and skirts. Above all though, this collection is wearable with its classic approach on popular clothes as the white shirt, pantsuits, jeans and coats. The colors are neutral which makes them usable for everyone, the prints that are used are classic as stripes, gingham or dots. The styling is kept simple too, with only a few accessories used and a focus on layering, silhouette and texture rather than rich details.

Thoughts On The Collection

I’ve already declared the brilliant wearability in this collection with an impeccable styling and relatability. It works for the minimalist with the simple styling and neutral colors. Anyone with a love for vintage will adore the masculine silhouette with a beret, as well as anyone with a love for the idea of the Parisian fashion. The navy style is the core of this collection, which gives a proper dose of vitamin sea. It also work for the modern fashionista with the trendy clothing pieces, as midi dresses, trendy prints as gingham and popular colors as pale blush.

It is overall a thoroughly well done collection where the styling is what elevates the collection to the next level. A white shirt is after all only a white shirt, but is perfected in its timeless element here. Even though I appreciate genius styling, the collection loses some of its magic when the looks are plucked apart. Again: a white shirt is only a white shirt not given the label. The collection does however capture a fun homogenous eclecticism with a mix of the 1940s, navy style and office wear. All in a modern mix of wearability and likability.

Notable Looks

The styling in this look is perfection from top to toe. The balance of elegance and subtle edge is perfected in this look. The elegant hipster vibe is definitely alive in this look, a genius balance of minimalism and flowy structure. Also genius balance of sports and refined office wear in this look. This look could undoubtedly be from the 1940s but is given some modern twists. I also appreciate the youthful styling in this look, giving some Maria Grazia Chiuri vibes á la Dior. And honestly speaking, I’ve never wanted to paint more than in this look, it’s modern and yet captures every idea of an urban painter decades ago.

There’s no look in specific that I’m discontent with as the styling is simple geniusness in every look.  There are however some looks that have 40 + written all over them, which isn’t a bad thing, but something I’m not personally relating to. However, it suits the design core of Max Mara. A matching pantsuit with a tucked in shirt and a belt? Forgivably done in a modern approach with a navy touch, but still something that feels designated for a typical office job. I can work the look in 20 years or so, but remain to appreciate the styling in this case and not go after a recreating.

Folks! What are your thoughts on Max Mara Resort Collection 2018? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

46 thoughts on “Review: Max Mara Resort Collection 2018

  1. I’m loving that nautical belt in so many of the outfits – what a great accessory that works so well with most of the collection! 🙂 It is a lovely collection too, thank you for sharing 🙂

    Hope you are having a great start to the week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Love it too! It breaks off so many looks in a great way! Same to you love! Xx

  2. I definitely lean towards classic pieces, so I love the wearability of this collection. I do love seeing designers’ creativity, but it’s still nice to see a look that I would wear straight off the runway.

  3. Seriously more companies should bring up “more wearable” collection, rather than out of this world styles that just stays on the magazine pages. Addition of 40s style made this collection look sophisticated, chic and effortless. I love navy style/vibes anyway so I’m loving the colours and the print of the collection. xx

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. Hahah well there should be a better balance perhaps! The 1940s touch is such a chic one, genius! Xx

  4. We have such similar taste, it’s insane. My heart pretty much belongs to Max Mara; and this collection has reaaaally contributed to that. I see what you mean about the pieces not standing so well on their own, though when combined with other Max Mara pieces, they’re magic!!

    1. Hahah I love that though “my heart belongs to Max Mara”! The styling is impeccable here! Xx

  5. You are so right, the whole collection is brilliantly wearable ! I love the long coat from Max Mara, I’ve been a sucker for it since I saw their long camel coat and I was a goner.
    The Grey Canvas

    1. It is indeed! The styling is so so chic and well done. Max Mara’s coat game is at another level though!! Xx

  6. I always love to read your analysis of collections, as your eye for detail and connecting where the inspiration was taken from, using your fashion history background is admirable. YOU need to be sitting front row at Fashion Week and I’m not just saying this because you’re my buddy 🙂 I think you have a lot to offer the fashion world and so I will wait for it happen 😉 That said, I clearly see all you’ve pointed out about the collection and how relevant it is for today’s woman, while appealing to those beloved vintage vibes of many in a way that’s fresh and classic. Thanks for sharing, gorgeous girlie, and I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far!



    1. Seriously Jalisa, thank you so so much. I just had the worst day yesterday and felt like everything was useless with the blog and everything. So this filled my heart with so much joy and light and hope. Thank you for believing in me doll, you’re one of the best! Xx

    1. It feels safe indeed, but sometimes it’s nice to highlight safe as I often tend to go more statement! Xx

  7. I really do think we are the generation changing that. Style is so interpretive now, and it doesn’t have to be one set way. I love it. Anyway, I agree; this Max Mara collection is very wearable, but it’s one of my least favorite from this brand in awhile. I thought it was a little too bland. Although, I do love the striped top under jumpsuit look. I’d wear that in a heartbeat.

    I hope you have a lovely new week Mia!

    1. I hope we are though! Especially with the rise of the fashion bloggers, which at least 5% dare to look different and stand out! Xx

    1. The masculine silhouettes are so much fun though, love the contrast with the navy style! Xx

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